Century of Lies

Century of Lies, with 16 years on air, has more than 30 affiliate stations in the US and Canada. Running 29 minutes per episode, Century of Lies is currently produced by Doug McVay, editor of Drug War Facts.






01/27/09 - Kathleen Staudt

Kathleen Staudt, professor at UT El Paso regarding the cartels battles in Mexico + the return of Corrupt Cop Story with Phil Smith of Stop The Drug War

Guest(s): Kathleen Staudt
Organization(s): UTEP
Link(s): Stop The Drug War
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01/20/09 - Beto O'Rourke

Beto O'Rourke, El Paso city councilman re call to consider legalization & AMF Bush! :Keith Olberman + DTN Editorial

Guest(s): Beto O'Rourke
Organization(s): El Paso Council
Link(s): LEAP
Download: Audio icon COL_012009.mp3


01/13/09 - Loretta Nall

Loretta Nall regarding the starving of prisoners by an Alabama Sheriff + Terry Nelson of LEAP goes to El Paso, EP councilman Beto O'Rourke, KHOU take on EP call for legalization & Lou Dobbs shows his brain is full of mush

Guest(s): Loretta Nall
Organization(s): Nall for Governor
Link(s): LEAP, Nall For Governor
Download: Audio icon COL_011309.mp3


01/06/09 - Norm Stamper

Norm Stamper, former police chief of Seattle and author of Breaking Rank - A Top Cops' Expose of the Dark Side of Policing

Guest(s): Norm Stamper
Organization(s): LEAP
Link(s): LEAP, Norm Stampers Website
Download: Audio icon COL_010609.mp3


12/30/08 - Jacob Sullum

Jacob Sullum editor of Reason magazine, Russ Bellville producer of NORML's audio stash, Harvey Stein producer of new movie RX Cannabis

Guest(s): Jacob Sullum
Organization(s): Reason Magazine
Link(s): NORML, Reason Magazine, DTN at Hight Times
Download: Audio icon COL_123008.mp3


12/23/08 - Rusty Fleming

Rusty Fleming, director of Drug Wars - Silver or Lead, Paul Armentano of NORML, Al Byrne of Patients out of Time + Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition on results of drug war in Mexico

Guest(s): Rusty Fleming
Organization(s): Drug Wars - The Movie
Link(s): LEAP, Drug Wars - The Movie
Download: Audio icon COL_122308.mp3


12/16/08 - Vikki Hankins

Vikki Hankins who served 18 years behind bars for crack cocaine + Neal Peirce of the Washington Post + Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + Abolitionist Moment III

Guest(s): Vikki Hankins
Organization(s): Advocate 4 Justice
Link(s): LEAP, Advocate 4 Justice
Download: Audio icon COL_121608.mp3


12/09/08 - Barry Cooper

Dr. Jim Ketchum, author of "Chemical Warware-Secrets Almost Forgotten" which lifts the veil of LSD tests in US Army + Barry Cooper, former narcotics officer, producer of KopBusters video and Never Get Busted DVD

Guest(s): Barry Cooper
Organization(s): Kop Busters
Link(s): Kop Busters, Forgotten Secrets
Download: Audio icon COL_120908.mp3


12/02/08 - Kevin Zeese

Kevin Zeese, president of Common Sense for Drug Policy regarding the financial impact of the drug war and the US financial fiasco + Terry Nelson reports for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + "commercial" for the Uri-Liminator!

Guest(s): Kevin Zeese
Organization(s): Common Sense for Drug Policy
Link(s): LEAP, Fresh Air - Clean Politics
Download: Audio icon COL_120208.mp3


11/25/08 - Kris Krane

Kris Krane, president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy discusses recent SSDP conference to celebrate their 10th anniversary + 7 years later, CIA found responsible for shooting missionary's plane from the sky + the Reagans just say "yes" to drugs

Guest(s): Kris Krane
Organization(s): Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
Link(s): Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Download: Audio icon COL_112508.mp3