03/07/23 Elisabeth Epps

Century of Lies
Elisabeth Epps
Colorado Legislature

This week on Century of Lies: Compassion Gains Ground in Colorado. The Colorado Legislature is considering whether to allow municipalities in that state to save lives by authorizing the operation of overdose prevention centers. We hear from two of the co-sponsors of House Bill 23-1202, CO State Rep. Elisabeth Epps and Rep. Jenny Willford, plus Lisa Raville with the Harm Reduction Action Center; Alison Coombs, a member of the Aurora City Council; Racquel Garcia, Co-Chair of the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration Advisory Council and founder and CEO of Hard Beauty; Meghan MacKillop, Legislative & Policy Advocate at the Colorado Municipal League; Doctor Sarah Axelrath, a Primary Care and Addiction Medicine Physician with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; and Hassan Latif, Executive Director of the Second Chance Center.

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