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The Drug Truth Network (DTN) is a media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the “war on drugs.” We invite you to share DTN’s “unvarnished truth about the drug war,” through our innovative radio programming, including Century of Lies, Cultural Baggage and 4:20 Drug War News. (7,000 programs and segments featuring judges, congressmen, scientists & various drug reform experts, in MP3 format.)

Cultural Baggage

12/12/18 JS Rafaeli

JS Rafaeli, Co-Author "DRUG WARS - The terrifying inside story of Britain's drug trade."

Guest(s): JS Rafaeli
Organization: LEAP UK
Link(s): UK LEAP


Century of Lies

12/12/18 Farid Ghehioueche

This week on Century, we continue our conversation with Farid Ghehioueche, a French activist and organizer of the International Cannabis Policy Conference; we hear an interview with criminal defense attorney and NORML Legal Committee member Alan Silber from 2015; plus an interview from 2013 with the late activist Mickey Martin.

Guest(s): Farid Ghehioueche
Link(s): Drug War Facts


4:20 Drug War News

12/13/18 Kyle Kaminski

Thu - Kyle Kaminski reporter at City Pulse newspaper handed out legal joints in Lansing MI

Organization: City Pulse newspaper Lansing MI