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The Drug Truth Network (DTN) is a media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the “war on drugs.”

Claiming the Moral Highgrond
Claiming the Moral High Ground - A Global Indictment of the War on Drugs video features 19 government officials and high level experts from around the world, all greatly desirous of being a part of this "indictment'. These experts describe in great detail the misery, the ineptitude, the corruption and the myriad horrors we inflict on ourselves and the whole world by continuing to believe in the policy of drug prohibition. Thankfully they also provide the simple solution, first to decriminalize to prove a point and then ASAP to legalize, regulate and actually control these now ludicrously named "controlled substances."

04/12/21 Kassandra Frederique

Conscientious Objector: Kassandra Frederique*DTN host Dean Becker and DPA's Kassandra Frederique discuss racism, legalization and claiming the moral high ground in the drug war. (8:30)

Guest(s): Kassandra Frederique
Organization: Drug Policy Alliance

Kassandra Frederique, Exec Dir Drug Policy Alliance


Cultural Baggage

05/12/21 Dr. Frank Lucido

Doctor Frank Lucido is retiring from general practice but will maintain his medical cannabis practice + Ethan Nadelmann the founder of the DPA discusses prejudice and the drug war.

Guest(s): Ethan Nadelmann
Organization: Drug Policy Alliance
Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance
Doctor Frank LucidoEthan Nadelmann and DTN Host Dean Becker
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Century of Lies

05/12/21 Rodrigo Uprimny

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights recently organized a webinar entitled Human Rights In Action: Implementing the International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy. We hear from two of the speakers: Rodrigo Uprimny, a professor emeritus at the National University of Colombia and Director of the Drug Policy Area for DeJusticia; and Teresa Caeiro, advisor to Portugal’s National Coordinator for the problems of Drugs, Drug Addiction and Alcohol. Plus, Ajeng Larasati, Human Rights Lead at Harm Reduction International, on The Death Penalty for Drug Offenses in the Covid-19 pandemic era.

Guest(s): Rodrigo Uprimny,
Organization: High Commissioner for Human Rights
Link(s): Drug War Facts


4:20 Drug War News

05/15/21 Doctor Frank Lucido

Sat - Doctor Frank Lucido cannabis doctor