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Cultural Baggage

12/04/19 Howard Josepher

Howard Josepher drug reform pioneer, Rafael Torruella Puerto Rico Harm Reductionist, tribute to passing of George McMahon Federal Marijuana patient + DTN editorial

Guest(s): Howard Josepher
Organization: Drug Policy Alliance
Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance
Howard Josepher
Download: Audio icon FDBCB120419.mp3


Century of Lies

12/04/19 Gilberto Gerra

By the end of 2018, the European Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction was monitoring 731 new psychoactive substances. This week on Century, UNODC's Gilberto Gerra, MD, discusses new psychoactive substances, plus we hear from EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel about the release of the new 2019 EU Drug Markets Report.

Guest(s): Gilberto Gerra
Organization: Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts


4:20 Drug War News

12/07/19 George McMahon

Sat - Tribute to George McMahon Fed patient