Century of Lies

Century of Lies, with 16 years on air, has more than 30 affiliate stations in the US and Canada. Running 29 minutes per episode, Century of Lies is currently produced by Doug McVay, editor of Drug War Facts.






12/09/08 - Barry Cooper

Dr. Jim Ketchum, author of "Chemical Warware-Secrets Almost Forgotten" which lifts the veil of LSD tests in US Army + Barry Cooper, former narcotics officer, producer of KopBusters video and Never Get Busted DVD

Guest(s): Barry Cooper
Organization(s): Kop Busters
Link(s): Kop Busters, Forgotten Secrets
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12/02/08 - Kevin Zeese

Kevin Zeese, president of Common Sense for Drug Policy regarding the financial impact of the drug war and the US financial fiasco + Terry Nelson reports for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + "commercial" for the Uri-Liminator!

Guest(s): Kevin Zeese
Organization(s): Common Sense for Drug Policy
Link(s): LEAP, Fresh Air - Clean Politics
Download: Audio icon COL_120208.mp3


11/25/08 - Kris Krane

Kris Krane, president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy discusses recent SSDP conference to celebrate their 10th anniversary + 7 years later, CIA found responsible for shooting missionary's plane from the sky + the Reagans just say "yes" to drugs

Guest(s): Kris Krane
Organization(s): Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
Link(s): Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Download: Audio icon COL_112508.mp3


11/18/08 - Ray Manzarek

Ray Manzarek of the Doors recounts their first rehearsal (high on weed), report from Australia on the benefits of hemp + NEWS that US HHS has a patent on marijuana

Guest(s): Ray Manzarek
Organization(s): Doors
Link(s): NORML
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11/11/08 - Cele Castillo

Cele Castillo, former DEA agent, Iran-Contra whisteleblower & author of "Powderburns, Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War" + Terry Nelson Reports for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Guest(s): Cele Castillo
Organization(s): Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
Link(s): LEAP, Cele Castillo's Website
Download: Audio icon COL_111108.mp3


11/04/08 - Bruce Mirken

Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project discusses election day progress in the drug war, Adam Assenberg broadcaster, Poppygate Report with Glenn Greenway, Reports from Australia: ABC - "federal police commissioner Mick Keelty says Australia needs to find a better way than arresting drug users" + Nimbin Australia report on efforts to shut down hemp bar and museum

Guest(s): Bruce Mirken
Organization(s): Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)
Link(s): Marijuana Policy Project, Marijuana Fact or Fiction
Download: Audio icon COL_110408.mp3


10/28/08 - Mikki Norris

Mikki Norris of Cannabis Consumers Campaign, Jeff Jones of Oaksterdam University & Glenn Greenway with the Poppygate Report

Guest(s): Mikki Norris
Organization(s): Cannabis Consumers
Link(s): Oaksterdam University, Cannabis Consumers Campaign
Download: Audio icon COL_102808.mp3


10/21/08 - James Anthony

Pledge Drive Special with Reports from the National Organizatiion for Reform of Marijuana Laws conference in Berkeley California with Steve Bloom, former High Times Editor and author of Pot Culture + Attorney James Anthony

Guest(s): James Anthony
Organization(s): Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
Link(s): LEAP
Download: Audio icon COL_102108.mp3


10/14/08 - James P. Gray

Judge James P. Gray, author of "Wearing the Robe, the Art and Responsibilities of Judging in Today's Courts", Dr. Norm Stamper, author of "Breaking Rank - A Top Cop's Expose" + Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Guest(s): James P. Gray
Organization(s): Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
Link(s): Judge Gray, LEAP
Download: Audio icon COL_101408.mp3


10/07/08 - Susan Boyd

Susan Boyd, author "From Witches to Crack Moms" + Fritz Wenzel of Zogby on poll: :"76% of Americans see drug war as failure"

Guest(s): Susan Boyd
Download: Audio icon COL_100708.mp3