Century of Lies 2005

12/30/05 Century of Lies Highlights 2005 with Jack Cole of LEAP, Siobahn Reynolds of Pain Relief Network, Judge James Gray, Jason Ziedenberg, Can. Sen. Pierre Claud Nolin, Phil Smith, Jack Cole at Hartford Conference, Danny Kushlick of UK's Transform, Wall Street Reporter Frank Smyth MP3

12/23/05  Catholic Priest Joseph Ganssle + Richard Cowan MP3

12/16/05  Reporter Frank Smyth of Texas Observer reports on The Untouchable Narco State + Corrupt Cop Story  MP3

12/09/05  Reports from Vancouver, featuring Michelle Rainey, Chris Bennett, Richard Cowan & more.  MP3

12/02/05  Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + Rocky Anderson, mayor of Salt Lake  MP3 

11/25/05  Drug Policy Alliance Conference III: Norm Stamper, Gillian Maxwell, Danny Kushlick, Marc Emery & Doug McVay  MP3

11/18/05  Drug Policy Alliance Conference I: Ethan Nadelmann + Mike Corral  MP3

11/11/05  Hartford Drug Conference IV: Judge Arthur Burnett, Nick Eyle Reconsider, Scarlet Swedlow of SSDP & David Biklin  MP3

11/04/05 Hartford Conference wrap up, Ethan Nadelmann of Drug Policy Alliance Conf. 11/12/05 in Long Beach Ca. + Daniel Abrahamson re: psychedelic hoasca tea & the US Supreme Court. MP3

10/28/05  Hartford Drug Conference speech by Eric Sterling MP3

10/21/05 Phil Smith of DRCNet and StopTheDrugWar.org full report on his recent trip to Afghanistan + Canada's Marc Emery, Glenn Greenway & Dr. Tom O'Connell  MP3

10/14/05  Canadian Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, just returned from a drug conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, chair of Senate report to regulate drugs, end prohibition. MP3

10/07/0 Jason Ziedenberg, Exec. Dir.,  Justice Policy Institute + Roger Goodman of King Co. Bar Assoc, Steve Nolin, Glenn Greenway, Matt Elrod, Nora Callahan MP3

09/30/05  Dr. Robert Melamede, Chair Biology Dept, U of Colorado, discusses medical cannabis + Dr. Frank Fisher on the DEA & pain in America + Fed MMJ patient Irv Rosenfeld MP3

09/23/05  Charles Bowden, author:  Shadow in The City - Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior MP3  

09/16/05  Judge James P. Gray, author of "Why our Drug Laws have Failed." + Reports from Cliff Thornton, Nora Calahan, Doug McVay, Howard Woodridge & Steve Nolin MP3

09/09/05 DTN Host Dean Becker takes listeners calls.  ("Excellent", don't miss this!) MP3

08/26/05 Additional speeches from the Meth, HIV and Hep Conference in Salt Lake City MP3

08/26/05 Our program will feature the introduction speeches to the first conference on "Methamphetamines, HIV and Hepatitis" in Salt Lake City. MP3

08/19/05 Our program featured reform voices from the Journey For Justice Rally in Wash DC + Cannabis Culture Publisher/"Drug Kingpin" Marc Emery MP3

08/12/05 Our Guest was Siobhan Reynolds, president of the Pain Relief Network    MP3

05/15/05 Our Guest was Jack Cole, Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition MP3