4:20 Drug War News 2005

Monday 12/26/05 Richard Cowan reports on US/Canada troubles for Steve Tuck

Tuesday 12/27/05 Howard Wooldridge of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Wednesday  12/28/05 Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project

Thursday 12/29/05 Tony Serra, San Francisco Atty on Govt. Drug War Policy.

Friday 12/30/05 Tony Serra on Destructive Drug War

Saturday 12/31/05 Dean Becker visits the heart of Mordor, exposes truth

Sunday 01/01/06 Catholic Priest, father Joseph Ganssle discusses US Drug War Policy

Monday 12/19/05 Drug War History + Poppygate

Tuesday 12/20/05 Corrupt Cop Story + Drug War Facts

Wednesday 12/21/05 Mr. K reports from the Harris County jail

Thursday 12/22/05 Tony Serra, San Francisco Atty.

Friday 12/23/05 Official Govt Truth: MJ causes insanity & death!

Saturday 12/24/05 Cheech & Chong Xmas + Chong on hash trade

Sunday 12/18/05 Reporter Frank Smyth on Guatemalan corruption + in Tx prison? Eat shit! (& like it)


Tuesday 12/13/05 Wash Post II

Wednesday 12/14/05 Nobel winner Harold Pitner on US Gulag, drug war

Thursday 12/15/05 Nora Callahan of November.org re: Exit Strategy Conf.

Friday 12/16/05 Drug Task Forces to Dry Up, Blow Away?

Saturday 12/17/05 Celebrating 91 Years of Drug War!

Sunday 12/18/05 Needle Exchange Saves Lives

Monday 12/05/05 Former Police Chief of Seattle, Norm Stamper calls for end of prohibition, to "Legalize Drugs - All of Them" I of IV

Tuesday 12/06/05 Norm Stamper II

Wednesday 12/07/05 Norm Stamper III

Thursday 12/08/05 Norm Stamper IV

Friday 12/09/05 Drug War Wasps & Official Government Truth

Saturday 12/10/05 Michele Rainey of Vancouver BC

Sunday 12/11/05 Vancouver Reverend Chris Bennett regarding sacramental plant usage.

Monday 11/28/05 Steve Nolin on Mexican Drug War & "Official Govt. Truth" w/ Winston Francis

Tuesday 11/29/05 Corrupt Cop Story, Drug War Facts, Snitch PSA

Wednesday 11/30/05 Marc Emery discusses Canadian situation

Thursday 12/01/05 Poppygate, Parapalegic story of needless death

Friday 12/02/05 Irv Rosenfeld notes 220 LB of US Govt pot received.

Saturday 12/03/05 Tom Angell of Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Sunday 12/04/05 Legalize?  Answers per Gillian Maxwell of BC & Danny Kushlick of UK's Transform

Monday 11/21/05 Sheriff's crimes leave lasting image of graft

Tuesday 11/22/05 Dash Award to citizen drug warrior $100 per Month!

Wednesday 11/23/05 Peter Christ discusses Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Thursday 11/24/05 Ron Kazinski battles US government over right to grow seeds of our choice.

Friday 11/25/05 Poppygate + Drug War Facts

Saturday 11/26/05 Dr. Rick Doblin, Pres. of Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies

Sunday 11/27/05 Rick Doblin II

Monday 11/14/05 Corrupt Cops + Official Government Truth

Tuesday 11/15/05 Guatemala Drug czar to resign, GW & Sativex

Wednesday 11/16/05 Recycled Government "Stuff"

Thursday 11/17/05 Mexican Drug Lords Reign Supreme

Friday 11/18/05 Peyote OK + Exploiting Colombia

Saturday 11/19/05 Garrison Keillor on Drugs + Fentanyl Murder?

Sunday 11/20/05 US Vs. Afghan Poppy Farmers, Cannabis Truth

Monday 11/07/05 Ethan Nadelmann of Drug Policy Alliance re forthcoming Conference in Long Beach

Tuesday 11/08/05 Nadelmann II

Wednesday 11/09/05 Richard Burton of NAACP

Thursday 11/10/05 Jack Cole of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Friday 11/11/05 Flora Goodtime of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Saturday 11/12/05 Tommy Chong at Wonders of Cannabis

Sunday 11/13/05 Drug War Facts + Official Government Truth

Monday 10/31/05 DTN Reporter "Mr. K", with worlds most dangerous urine, back behind bars.

Tuesday 11/01/05 Official Govt. Truth

Wednesday 11/02/05 Drug War Facts + Poppygate Report

Thursday 11/03/05 Jedd Rife, producer/director of "Waiting to Inhale."

Friday 11/04/05 Eric Sterling, speaks at Hartford drug conference

Saturday 11/05/05 Marilda Gandara, Pres. of Etna Insurance Foundation

Sunday 11/06/05 Hartford Police Chief Patrick Harnett

Monday 10/24/05 Poppygate & Official Government Truth

Tuesday 10/25/05 Loretta Nall, US Marijuana party candidate for Alabama Gov. in the lead?

Wednesday 10/26/05 Dr. Stanton Peele, author of 7 Tools to Beat Addiction

Thursday 10/27/05 Marc Emory reports from Canada

Friday 10/28/05 Doug McVay reports on FBI stats

Saturday 10/29/05 Phil Smith Report on recent trip to Afghanistan

Sunday 10/30/05 Dr. Tom OConnel report on government fraud in drug war

Monday 10/17/05 Cliff Thornton of Efficacy reports on forthcoming Drug Conference in Hartford CT.

Tuesday 10/18/05 Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project re  stilted dishonest Govt drug ads.

Wednesday 10/19/05 Jack Cole, director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Thursday 10/20/05 Phil Smith of Stop the Drug War reports on recent trip to Afghanistan

Friday 10/21/05 Alabama Governor Candidate Loretta Nall on drug hell

Saturday 10/22/05 Nora Callahan on drugs/voting rights + Official Govt Truth w/ Winston Francis

Sunday 10/23/05 "Marijuana heals the brain"

Monday 10/10/05 R. Cowan reports on Steve Tuck, from Canadian Emer. room to US jail for MJ Seeds

Tuesday 10/11/05 Andria Efthimiou report on Afgan Drug Conference I

Wednesday 10/12/05 Andria II

Thursday 10/13/05 NORML's Allen St. Pierre Vs. Drug Free America's Calvina Fay, from USA TODAY

Friday 10/14/05 NORML VS DPA II

Saturday 10/15/05 US MJ Party's Loretta Nall leads Alabama Gov Race Poll

Sunday 10/16/05 Drug War Facts + Official Govt. Truth

Monday 10/03/05 Editorial: Drug Truth Network Anniv.+  need for your HELP!

Tuesday 10/04/05 Howard Wooldridge of LEAP finishes horseback ride across America

Wednesday 10/0505 Loretta Nall + Doug McVay

Thursday 10/0605 Poppygate, Official Govt Truth, What will it take to motivate?

Friday 10/07/05 Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal on Wonders of Cannabis

Saturday 10/08/05 Black Perspective with Phil Jackson + DTN PSA

Sunday 10/09/05 Drug War Hist, MJ PSA, Meth Law makes meth stronger!

Monday 09/26/05 Charles Bowden, author Shadow in the City

Tuesday 09/27/05 Jacob Hornberger, President of The Future of Freedom Foundation, www.fff.org

Wednesday 09/28/05 Doug McVay, Drug War Facts I

Thursday 09/29/05 Doug McVay II

Friday 09/30/05 Professor David Duncan on pain management in US

Saturday 10/01/05 Bruce Mirken on quadriplegics death in DC

Sunday 10/02/05 Cliff Thornton, Glenn Greenway's PoppyGate Rpt.

Monday 09/19/05 Cliff Thornton of www.efficacy-online.org

Tuesday 09/20/05 Marc Emery, Canadian drug "Kingpin" I

Wednesday 09/21/05 Judge James P. Gray

Thursday 09/22/05  Official Govt Truth + Poppygate

Friday 09/23/05 Marc Emery II

Saturday 09/24/05 Rehnquist's  Placidyl Habit

Sunday 09/25/05 Howard Wooldridge & horse Misty ride across America saying "Cops say legalize drugs"

Monday 09/12/05 COL Host Becker & DTN Listeners talk drug war I

Tuesday 09/13/05 DTN Listeners II

Wednesday 09/14/05 Drug War History + Poppygate

Thursday 09/15/05  Loretta Nall, "No Panties? No Prison visit!"

Friday 09/16/05 Nora Callahan re prisoners to rebuild Gulf cities?

Saturday 09/17/05 Corrupt cop stories w/Steve Nolin

Sunday 09/18/05 Cliff Thornton re Hartford Drug Conference, name jurisdiction by its drug laws

Monday 09/05/05 N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin: "Drug users at heart of problems."

Tuesday 09/06/05 Loretta Nall on DEA meth "success"

Wednesday 09/07/05 Dr. George Lundburg re medical marijuana

Thursday 09/08/05  Judge James Gray, author "Why Drug Laws Have Failed-What we can do about it"

Friday 09/09/05 Doug McVay and Drug War Facts + Poppygate Rpt.

Saturday 09/10/05 Official Govt Truth w/ Winston Francis

Sunday 09/11/05 Tommy Chong: "USA biggest of drug cartels."

Monday 08/29/05 Tribute to Hunter S. Thompson + Drug War History

Tuesday 08/30/05 Paramilitary Raid on Rave in Utah Desert

Wednesday 08/31/05 Canada's Gordon Youngman report from SLC Meth Conf.

Thursday 09/01/05  Michael Seaver of SF's Stonewall Group

Friday 09/02/05 Doug McVay and Drug War Facts + Tommy Chong

Saturday 09/03/05 Poppygate + Loretta Nall re Seattle Hempfest

Sunday 09/04/05 Dr. John Morgan from the SL City Meth Conference

Monday 08/22/05 Report from Journey for Justice Rally I

Tuesday 08/23/05 Marc Emery a "Drug Kingpin?"

Wednesday 08/24/05 Journey Rally II, W/ Loretta Nalll

Thursday 08/25/05  Poppygate Report

Friday 08/26/05 Doug McVay and Drug War Facts

Saturday 08/27/05 Phil Smith with Corrupt Cop Story

Sunday 08/28/05 Marc Emery II 

Monday 08/15/05 Siobhan Reynolds of Pain Relief Network

Tuesday 08/16/05 Judge James P. Gray

Wednesday 08/17/05 Corrupt Cop Story, Drug War Facts

Thursday 08/18/05  "Official" Govt. Truth + Poppygate Report

Friday 08/19/05 Harris County Jail Horrors, First-Hand Accounts

Saturday 08/20/05 Jean Marlowe of Womans Organization for National Prohibition Reform

Sunday 08/21/05 Loretta Nall on hypocrisy in the drug war 

Monday 08/08/05 Marc Emery accused as drug king pin

Tuesday 08/09/05 Marc Emery II

Wednesday 08/10/05 Drug War History, Loretta Nall on M. Emery, blessing of DEA

Thursday 08/11/05  Eric Sterling re Methamphetamine

Friday 08/12/05 Harris County Jail Horrors Continue

Saturday 08/13/05 DrugSense Celebrates Milestone, w/Mark Greer

Sunday 08/14/05 Drug Truth Editorial: "We are the terrorists"

Monday 08/01/05 Marc Emery busted in Canada for selling seeds to US.

Tuesday 08/02/05 Marc Emery a "drug king pin?"

Wednesday 08/03/05 DC March Organizer Roberta Franklin

Thursday 08/04/05  Drug War History, Official Govt. Truth,

Friday 08/05/05 Don't Get "Busted"

Saturday 08/06/05 Doug McVay & Intl Drug War Facts

Sunday 08/07/05 David Losa rides bike across America for DC march

Monday 07/25/05 MJ Booby traps, drug to end all drugs

Tuesday 07/26/05 Drug War Facts, drug war history

Wednesday 07/27/05 Poppy Gate, Official Govt. Truth

Thursday 07/28/05  NY Times, DEA & Pain, MD Frank Fisher

Friday 07/29/05 TIME Mag:  DEA & Pain, Dr. Fisher II

Saturday 07/30/05 Jail fiasco in Gulag City, DC March Notice

Sunday 07/31/05 Name Drug by it's side effects, tax marijuana

Monday 07/18/05 Official Govt. Truth w/Winston Francis

Tuesday 07/19/05 Black Perspective & Nora Callahan on DC March

Wednesday 07/20/05 Corrupt Cop Stories w/Phil Smith & Steve Nolin

Thursday 07/21/05 Drug War Facts & CB guest Steve Rolles of Transform a UK Drug Reform Group

Friday 07/22/05 Howard Wooldridge crosses US on horseback & Steve Rolles II

Saturday 07/23/05 Poppygate & DTN Editorial

Sunday 07/24/05 Loretta Nall Editorial & next Wk's guest on CB, Dr. Frank Fisher

Monday 07/11/05 Drug War Facts, "State of Injustice"

Tuesday 07/12/05 Howard Wooldrige rides across America & "Everyone Likes Train$"

Wednesday 07/13/05 Nora of November.org & Corrupt Cop Story

Thursday 07/14/05 Official Govt. Truth & Montel for MPP

Friday 07/15/05 T. Chong, PSA's & Alison Myrden of Canada.

Saturday 07/16/05 Reformer Kevin OConnel of New Zealand

Sunday 07/17/05 Black Perspective on Drug War & Poppygate

Monday 07/04/05 Canadian Alison Merden tries "Sativex" the whole plant cannabis extract from Bayer 

Tuesday 07/05/05 Drug War Facts & Official Government Truth

Wednesday 07/06/05 Alison Merden II & Angel Raich/MPP PSA for medical marijuana

Thursday 07/07/05 Jeff Blackburn, TX defense atty of the year

Friday 07/08/05  Jeff Blackburn & W. Tx. Innocence Project.

Saturday 07/09/05 Loretta Nall re. US Supreme Court & "We are the Champions of the World;)"

Sunday 07/10/05 Corrupt Cop Story & Poppygate & "Beware of Almanacs!"

Monday 06/27/05 Norm Stamper former police chief of Seattle & author of "Breaking Rank" 

Tuesday 06/28/05 Reporters Dennis Bernstein of Flashpoints & Loretta Noll of US MJ Party & Pot TV

Wednesday 06/29/05 Howard Wooldridge & horse Misty cross America for Law Enforcement against Prohibiton

Thursday 06/30/05 Philippe Lucas,  N Americas First High THC study, at Vancouver Compassion Club

Friday 07/01/05  Drug War History, Drug War Facts

Saturday 07/02/05 Poppygate, Fully Informed Jury PSA

Sunday 07/03/05 Loretta Noll chops drug war at knees

Monday 06/20/05 Editorial: Bruce Mirken, Marijuana Policy Project

Tuesday 06/21/05 Editorial, Pt 2, Bruce Mirken of MPP

Wednesday 06/22/05 News on MMJ, Dr. Dreher, Renee Boje, Zoritec and Marcia Johansen

Thursday 06/23/05 Former Seattle Police Chief, Norm Stamper + Drug War Facts

Friday 06/24/05  Norm Stamper II, author "Breaking Rank" + Corrupt Cop Story

Saturday 06/25/05 Wall St. Journal sees failure  in prohibition + Poppygate

Sunday 06/26/05 Official Govt. Truth + DTN Editorial

Monday 06/13/05 Editorial: Who are the Drug Warriors? 
Tuesday 06/14/05 Milton Friedman, Matt Elrod of Vancouver Drugsense
Wednesday 06/15/05 Official Govt. Truth, Drug War Facts
Thursday 06/16/05 Wooldridge on horseback across USA, Drug War History
Friday 06/17/05 Black Perspective, Corrupt Cop Story
Saturday 06/18/05 Blair Anderson from Christchurch New Zealand
Sunday 06/19/05 Worlds largest grow-op fugitives on loose

Monday 05/30/05 Dr. Harvey Ginsberg on Govt marijuana ads 

Tuesday 05/31/05 Author Mike Gray regarding "Soviet" snitch law for US www.csdp.org

Wednesday 06/01/05 Poppygate, it's all Poppygate! 

Thursday 06/02/05 Sanho Tree on "Plan Colombia"www.ips-dc.org

Friday 06/03/05  Mike Gray Chair, Common Sense for Drug Policy 

Saturday 06/04/05 Hydro Blooms in UK, Jamaica Commission says Stop Arrests! 

Sunday 06/05/05  Law Enforcement Ride Across US to End Drug War

Monday 05/23/05 Bill Piper of Drug Policy Alliance

Tuesday 05/24/05 Howard Wooldridge of LEAP.cc

Wednesday 05/25/05 Corrput Cop StoryDrug War Facts  

Thursday 05/26/05 , Drug War History, Philippe Lucas w/Canadian report

Friday 05/27/05  Black Perspective on Drug War, Poppygate 

Saturday 05/28/05 Official Govt. Truth w/ Winston Francis

Sunday 05/29/05  Paul Armentano of NORML

Monday 05/16/05 Black Perspective w/Phil Jackson

Tuesday 05/17/05 Phil Smith w/Corrupt Cop Story 

Wednesday 05/18/05 Official Govt. Truth w/ Winston Francis

Thursday 05/19/05 Washington March Report w/ Nora Callahan

Friday 05/20/05  Poppygate w/ Glenn Greenway

Saturday 05/21/05 Drug Czar Lies... (again), w/ Bruce Mirken of MPP

Sunday 05/22/05  Drug War Facts w/Doug McVay

Monday 05/09/05 Ben Winslow, author Power of the Dog

Tuesday 05/10/05 Congressman Barney Frank 

Wednesday 05/11/05 Congressman Ron Paul

Thursday 05/12/05 Congressman Sam Farr

Friday 05/13/05  "Bushed", MS Patient, Steph Sherrer of Americans for Safe Access

Saturday 05/14/05 Poppygate, Drug War History, Czar  & Whacking day

Sunday 05/15/05  Dan Viets, Chris Conrad and more Czar Lies

Monday 05/02/05 Tom Angel of Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Tuesday 05/03/05 Jack Cole, Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Wednesday 05/04/05 Official Government Truth w/Winston Francis

Thursday 05/05/05 "Poppygate" w/ Glenn Greenway

Friday 05/06/05  Phil Jackson w/ Black Perspective on Drug War

Saturday 05/07/05  Howard & horse Misty cross US to end prohibition

Sunday 05/08/05  Name jurisdiction by drug law, Doug McVay of Drug War Facts

Monday 04/25/05 Editorial in memory of host's deceased mother

Tuesday 04/26/05 Canadian Lawyer Alan Young 

Wednesday 04/27/05 Official Government Truth w/Winston Francis

Thursday 04/28/05 Black Mans Perspective on drug war w/ Phillip Jackson

Friday 04/29/05  Cliff Thornton of Efficacy-online.org

Saturday 04/30/05  Drug War Facts w/ Doug McVay + Chicago Tribune

Sunday 05/01/05  David Rovics, my mom's favorite 4:20 

Monday 04/18/05 Cliff Thornton of Efficacy + Drug War Facts with Doug McVay

Tuesday 04/19/05 Cliff Thornton II 

Wednesday 04/20/05 Ed Rosenthal & 420 Fests

Thursday 04/21/05 International Medical Marijuana NEWS

Friday 04/22/05  Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project

Saturday 04/23/05  Howard Wooldridge & horse Misty, Official Govt Truth w/ Winston Francis

Sunday 004/24/05  Canadian Lawyer Alan Young + Did Popeye smoke his spinach? 

Monday 04/11/05 Former Police Captain Peter Christ + Corrupt Cop Story from Phil Smith of drcnet.org 

Tuesday 04/12/05 Peter Christ II + Pages of Hempstory 

Wednesday 04/13/05 Eric Sterling of CJPF.org + Offical Govt. Truth

Thursday 04/14/05 Mary Jane Borden, Drugsense + Drug War Facts with Doug McVay

Friday 04/15/05  Roger Goodman, KCBA.org + Delay a "good" man

Saturday 04/16/05  TV's Rick Steves at NORML conference

Sunday 004/17/05  Ed Rosenthal + Poppygate w/ Glenn Greenway 

Monday 04/04/05 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Week, director Jack Cole 

Tuesday 04/05/05 LEAP member Judge James P. Gray 

Wednesday 04/06/05 Leap member Judge Eleanor Schockett

Thursday 04/07/05 Leap Member Mayor Larry Campbell

Friday 04/08/05  Leap Member Warden Rich Watkins

Saturday 004/09/05  Leap Member Howard Wooldridge, "Lone Ranger Rides Again"

Sunday 004/10/05  Leap Member Eric Sterling, council to Judiciary 

Monday 03/28/05 Mike Gray, Chair of Common Sense For Drug Policy

Tuesday 03/29/05 Mike Gray II

Wednesday 03/30/05 Prof. William Martin of James Baker Institute

Thursday 03/31/05 Philippe Lucas reports on Canada's Drug War

Friday 04/01/05  Prof. Martin on needle exchange saves lives

Saturday 04/02/05  Nolin and Lucas on NORML Conference

Sunday 04/03/05  DTN Reporters & Official Govt. Truth & Drug War Facts

Monday 03/21/05 Medical MJ legislation in US, w/Steve Nolin 

Tuesday 03/22/05 Rusty White, member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Wednesday 03/23/05 Canada's National Post on marijuana

Thursday 03/24/05 Canada's Eugene Oscapella on Marijuana Wars

Friday 03/25/05  Terry Jones of Monty Python author "War on the War on Terror"

Saturday 03/26/05  Eugene Oscapella on Drug Prohibition

Sunday 03/27/05  Reporters Doug McVay of Common Sense for Drug Policy and Poppygate!

Special Report:  Phil Smith of DRCNET with Corrupt Cop Stories

Monday 03/14/05 Bruce Mirken of MPP on medical marijuana bills 

Tuesday 03/15/05 Terry Jones of Monty Python author "War on the War on Terror"

Wednesday 03/16/05 Marshall Frank author, member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Thursday 03/17/05 Phil Smith of DRCNET with Corrupt Cop Story

Friday 03/18/05  Poppygate ( Glenn Greenway), Official Govt. Truth (Winston Francis)

Saturday 03/19/05  Canadian MMJ patient & member of LEAP, Alison Merden

Sunday 03/20/05  Reporters Steve Nolin and Doug McVay of Common Sense for Drug Policy

Monday 03/07/05 King County Bar Association, medicos, ministers addiction specialists call for end of drug war.

Tuesday 03/08/05 Roger Goodman of King County Bar Association.

Wednesday 03/09/05 Matt Elrod from British Columbia on killings of 4 RCMP officers.

Thursday 03/10/05 Organizations in support of KCBA.

Friday 03/11/05  Organizations in support of KCBA II.

Saturday 03/12/05  Reporter Bill O'Connel on drugs, snitches, death

Sunday 03/13/05  Ricardo Cortes author "It's Just A Plant".

Monday 02/28/05 Renown chemist Sasha Shulgin, wife Ann see DPA

Tuesday 03/01/05 The Shulgins II

Wednesday 03/02/05 Official Govt. Truth, S. Nolin, Bush on marijuana

Thursday 03/03/05 Will Harrell of ACLU on Racial Profiling

Friday 03/04/05  Philipe Lucas of Vancouver Is. Compassion

Saturday 03/05/05  B. Mirken of MPP, Poppygate

Sunday 03/06/05  Elizabeth Mendez Berry on AARP/1st Amendment

Monday 02/21/05 7 Medical Marijuana Week Begins

Tuesday 02/22/05 Nurse Mathre for MMJ (medical marijuana.)

Wednesday 02/23/05 Mirken of MPP for MMJ

Thursday 02/24/05 Federal MMJ Patient Vs. Drug Czar

Friday 02/25/05  Amateur Lobbyists for MMJ

Saturday 02/26/05  Paraplegic's for MMJ

Sunday 02/27/05  Politicians, doctors and preachers for MMJ

Monday 02/14/05 7 Fred Martens, former narc, PA Crime Commisioner

Tuesday 02/15/05 Lee Schwartz, Dade Co. Cop, member of LEAP.cc

Wednesday 02/16/05 Canada's Prince of Pot, Marc Emery

Thursday 02/17/05 Martha Dewolf, former cop uses cannabis for pain

Friday 02/18/05  Jim Gierach, former Cook County prosecutor

Saturday 02/19/05  New Reporter Doug McVay of Common Sense for Drug Policy, www.csdp.org

Sunday 02/20/05  Jerry Cameron, Ret. Sheriff, member LEAP

Monday 02/07/05 Kevin Zeese, Pres of Common Sense for Drug Policy

Tuesday 02/08/05 Kevin Zeese II

Wednesday 02/09/05 Jack Cole, Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, leap.cc

Thursday 02/10/05 Richard Cowan reports from BC Canada

Friday 02/11/05  Jack Cole II

Saturday 02/12/05  Berkely medical marijuana Dr. Tod Mikuriya

Sunday 02/13/05  Official Government Truth & Poppygate

Monday 01/31/05 Rich Watkins, warden Holaday Prison Hi to CJAM

Tuesday 02/01/05 Watkins II

Wednesday 02/02/05 Canadian barrister Eugene Oscapella, war on drugs, war of terror

Thursday 02/03/05 Paul Wright, editor of Prison Legal News

Friday 02/04/05  Paul Wright, "Dogs of War"

Saturday 02/05/05  Oscapella, Texas Rangers Ride in Canada

Sunday 02/06/05  Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project

Monday 01/24/05 Roger Goodman, King County Bar Assoc. 

Tuesday 01/25/05 Nora Callahan of November Coalition

Wednesday 01/26/05 Roger Goodman II, Seattle calls for end of Drug War

Thursday 01/27/05 Philippe Lucas of Vancouver Is. Compassion on legal heroin in Canada

Friday 01/28/05  Recognize new affiliates, R. Goodman III

Saturday 01/29/05  2 Reports: "Poppygate", "Official Govt. Truth"

Sunday 01/30/05  Philipe Lucas on Med MJ in Canada

Monday 01/17/05 Alan Bean on trial of Tulia cop Tom Coleman 

Tuesday 01/18/05 Alan Bean II

Wednesday 01/19/05 Kevin Zeese of Common Sense Drug Policy

Thursday 01/20/05 Kevin Zeese II

Friday 01/21/05  Prof David Duncan on Pain Inquisition by DEA

Saturday 01/22/05  Steve Heath of Mapinc.org W/ ways you can help end prohibition

Sunday 01/23/05  Intl News & Poppygate

Monday 01/10/05 Dr. Rick Doblin of MAPS.org 

Tuesday 01/11/05 Afghan Opium Fiasco

Wednesday 01/12/05 Cele Castillo on Gary Webb, CIA, DEA & Fraud 

Thursday 01/13/05 Philippe Lucas of Drugsense.org

Friday 01/14/05  Cele Castillo II

Saturday 01/15/05  P. Lucas II

Sunday 01/16/05  Poppygate & Govt. Fraud in the drug war

Monday 01/03/05 Doug Valentine author Strength of the Wolf 

Tuesday 01/04/05 D. Valentine II

Wednesday 01/05/05 D. Valentine III 

Thursday 01/06/05 "Steves Peeves"

Friday 01/07/05  DTN Editorial

Saturday 01/08/05  Dr. Rick Doblin on Ecstacy & Fed Govt.

Sunday  01/09/05  Rick Doblin on Med Cannabis & Fed Govt.