Century of Lies

Century of Lies, with 16 years on air, has more than 30 affiliate stations in the US and Canada. Running 29 minutes per episode, Century of Lies is currently produced by Doug McVay, editor of Drug War Facts.






06/14/09 - Joel Hochman

Dr. Joel Hochman, Exec. Dir. of National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain + Charles Lynch gets 1 year & 1 day for dispensing cannabis + Phil Smith on California's fall into the abyss

Guest(s): Joel Hochman
Organization(s): National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
Link(s): Stop The Drug War, National Foundation for Treatment of Pain
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06/07/09 - Eugene Oscapella

Eugene Oscapella, director of Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy + Jet Baker song "Free Eddy Lepp", Winston Francis with "Don't Bother", Claudia Rubin from UK's RELEASE drug program, Jesse Stout of Rhode Island MMJ effort & Doctor Joel Hochman's warning to children about drug use, director National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain

Guest(s): Eugene Oscapella
Organization(s): Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
Link(s): Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy, Release Drug Policy
Download: Audio icon COL_060709.mp3


05/31/09 - Sanho Tree

Sanho Tree of Institute for Policy Studies & "Poppygate" report on UN Drug Czar's call to let Afghans glut the opium market + Mark Mauer of the Sentencing Project re drug use rate of criminals & first edition of the "Stupid NEWS"

Guest(s): Sanho Tree
Organization(s): Institute for Policy Studies
Link(s): IPS, Sentencing Project
Download: Audio icon COL_053109.mp3


05/24/09 - Jeffrey Miron

Harvard Professor Jeffrey Miron, author of "Drug War Crimes - The Consequences of Prohibition" + DASH Award

Guest(s): Jeffrey Miron
Organization(s): Harvard Profesor
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05/17/09 - Francisco Santos Calderon

Francisco Santos Calderon, Vice President of Colombia at the 39th Conference of the Americas, courtesy of Americas Society

Guest(s): Francisco Santos Calderon
Organization(s): Colombia Vice President
Link(s): Americas Society


05/10/09 - Eric Sterling

Eric Sterling, president of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation discusses mandatory minimums + Professor Jeffrey Miron & former drug czar John Walters on CNN + Abolitionists Moment

Guest(s): Eric Sterling
Organization(s): Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
Link(s): CJPF
Download: Audio icon COL_051009.mp3


05/03/09 - Sandee Burbank

Sandee Burbank director of Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse + Dr. Robert Melameade on swine flu, Ethan Nadelmann on Colbert Report + Borat: "please buy our heroin"

Guest(s): Sandee Burbank
Organization(s): Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse
Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance, Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse
Download: Audio icon COL_050309.mp3


04/26/09 - Tony Newman

Tony Newman of the Drug Policy Alliance on the overwhelming swing in stance for the media + Howard Wooldridge in the Washington Post & "most interesting man in the world"

Guest(s): Tony Newman
Organization(s): Drug Policy Alliance
Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance
Download: Audio icon COL_042609.mp3


04/19/09 - Mike Gray

Mike Gray, chairman of Common Sense for Drug Policy regarding his recent OpEd in the Washinton Post, Radley Balko of Reason Magazine, Bill Moyers speaks to writer David Simon of the Wire + The Abolitionists Moment

Guest(s): Mike Gray
Organization(s): Common Sense for Drug Policy
Link(s): Common Sense for Drug Policy, Reason Magazine
Download: Audio icon COL_041909.mp3


04/12/09 - Terry Nelson

CNN Power Lunch with Rob Kampia of Marijuana Policy Project, Soros production on UN Drug Policy + Terry Nelson of LEAP on Al Jazeera & with Anderson Cooper

Guest(s): Terry Nelson
Organization(s): Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
Link(s): LEAP, Marijuana Policy Project
Download: Audio icon COL_041209.mp3