Cultural Baggage


Cultural Baggage is DTN's longest running broadcast program with 18 years as of October 2019. We are proud to have more than three dozen affiliate stations in the US and Canada broadcasting our 29 minutes of unvarnished truth about the failure and futility of this eternal prohibition of drugs. Produced by former cop Dean Becker at KPFT, Houston, one of the 5 Pacifica "sister" stations.





08/14/19 Phil Smith

Phil Smith of Stop the Drug War re hemp law hoopla, Paul Stanford re release of new movie Green Goddess, pep talk from Trump, Volcano benefits COPD patient, DTN Editorial

Guest(s): Phil Smith, Paul Stanford
Organization(s): Stop the Drug War
Phil SmithGreen Goddess Movie
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Link(s): Stop The Drug War, Green Goddess The Movie

08/07/19 Clay Conrad

Attorney Clay Conrad perspectives on hemp, marijuana, drug dogs & more + Seth Schibler regarding conspiracy charges against Eapen Thampy in Missouri

Guest(s): Clay Conrad
Organization(s): Looney & Conrad
Clay Conrad
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Link(s): Looney & Conrad, Support Eapen Thampy

07/31/19 Norma Sapp

Norma Sapp, Oklahoma reformer re progress, ease of new medical cannabis law, Steve Downing, Dep Chief of LAPD, retired and Adrian Garcia, former Sheriff of Houston regarding amazing bail reform

Guest(s): Norma Sapp
Norma Sapp
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07/24/19 Joao Goulao

Dr Joao Goulao, Portugal's Drug Czar Part 2, Sheila Vakharia of DPA re overdose death rates & memorials for Paul Krassner & Mark Kleiman

Guest(s): Sheila Vakharia
Mark KliemanPaul Krassner
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07/17/19 Dr Joao Goulao

Dr Joao Goulao, Portugal's Drug Czar sits down to a lengthy interview with DTN Reporter Dean Becker

Guest(s): Joao Goulao

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07/10/19 Tyler Broker

Tyler Broker an attorney has column on Above the Law titled The Case for Legalizing All Drugs Plus NY Times reporter Emily Bazalon has a new book Charged - The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration

Guest(s): Emily Bazelon
Organization(s): New York Times

Download: Audio icon FDBCB071019.mp3

Link(s): The Case for Legalizing drugs

07/03/19 Kim Ogg

Kim Ogg the District Attorney of Houston/Harris County Texas for the half hour. We discuss marijuana & hemp and conflicting laws, paraphernalia, Misdemeanor Marijuana Diversion Program, cops ability to search based on hemp smell, number of prosecutors, bail bonds, the Harding Street bust the corruption there of, gangs, Portugal & decrim, Switzerland and Heroin, overdose deaths, safe consumption facilities , what glue holds the drug war together

Guest(s): Kim Ogg
Organization(s): Harris County District Attorney
District Attorney Kim Ogg
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Link(s): VIDEO INTERVIEW of Kim Ogg DA of Harris County on YOUTUBE!

06/26/19 Ray Lakeman

Ray Lakeman a British citizen lost his two boys to drug overdose and now wants to legalize all drugs. Reverend Alexander Sharp tours Canadian Safe Injection Facilities and seeks to save young lives.

Guest(s): Ray Lakeman
Ray Lakeman
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Link(s): Clergy for a New Drug Policy

06/19/19 Deborah Small

JUNETEENTH: Deborah Small of Drug Policy Alliance and Neill Franklin of Law Enforcement Action Partnership discuss racism in America, from time of Lincolns freeing the slaves, till the current date.

Guest(s): Deborah Small
Organization(s): Drug Policy Alliance

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Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance, LEAP

06/12/19 Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal, the "Guru of Ganja" has a new book: Marijuana Garden Saver + Paul Stanford battles big marijuana in Oregon

Guest(s): Ed Rosenthal
Ed Rosenthal with DTN Host
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