Cultural Baggage


Cultural Baggage is DTN's longest running broadcast program with 18 years as of October 2019. We are proud to have more than three dozen affiliate stations in the US and Canada broadcasting our 29 minutes of unvarnished truth about the failure and futility of this eternal prohibition of drugs. Produced by former cop Dean Becker at KPFT, Houston, one of the 5 Pacifica "sister" stations.





04/17/19 John Delaney

Cannabis Therapeutics 1, Laura Lagano author of CBD Oil Miracle, William Simpson of CannaCrafted, Dale Geiringer of Ca NORML + Judge John Delaney testifies re cannabis to Texas Legislature.

Guest(s): Laura Lagano
Organization(s): LEAP

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Link(s): LEAP

04/10/19 Miss Ian

DPA Conf III: Miss Ian of San Francisco Drug Users Union, Maddie Magnuson of Health Equity Alliance, Marsha Jenn-Charles of Brotherhood, Sister Sol + Joe Biden & President trump

Guest(s): Miss Ian
Organization(s): San Francisco Drug Users Union

Download: Audio icon FDBCB041019.mp3

Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance

04/03/19 T Dubbb O

St Louis Drug Policy Conference I - Ferguson rap artist T-Dubb-O, Chad Sabora of Monet, Rodney Holcombe DPA Atty + Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke visits Houston

Guest(s): T-Dubb-O
Organization(s): Drug Policy Alliance

Download: Audio icon FDBCB040319.mp3

Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance

03/27/19 Paul Armentano

Paul Armentano of NORML re "marijuana psychosis", Jodi James of Florida Cannabis Action Network, Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out Of Time & NIDA Scientist Dr. Donald Tashkin on safety of marijuana

Guest(s): Paul Armentano
Organization(s): NORML

Download: Audio icon FDBCB032719.mp3

Link(s): NORML

03/20/19 Ed Fourcion

New Jersey Weedman, Ed Fourchion set to sell weed at statehouse to challenge supposed legalization, Rob announces April 6 Cannabis Expo, Cornel Prof. Christopher Wildeman re "Nearly Half of US Families Have Had Relatives Behind Bars", Spoorthi Kamepalli re Baker Institute Seminar/Judging

Guest(s): Ed Forchien

Download: Audio icon FDBCB032019.mp3


03/13/19 Julia Negron

Julia Negron speaks of need for harm reduction in Florida, Kassandra Frederique of DPA re renewed compassion in US, Tony Papa of DPA re sentencing disparity, Justin George reporter with Marshall Program & Howard Wooldridge re UN call for decriminalization of drugs

Guest(s): Julia Negron

Download: Audio icon FDBCB031319.mp3

Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance

03/06/19 Judge Gray

Superior Court Judge James P. Gray, (ret) discusses failure and futility of drug war. Tex House Hearing on HB63 Marijuana Decrim with Ronny Moore Asst Police Chief, David Sloan of DFW & Natl NORML, Senior District Court Judge John Delaney

Guest(s): Judge James P. Gray
Organization(s): LEAP

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Link(s): LEAP

02/27/19 Richard Andrews

Dr. Richard Andrews is a Houston family doctor who is co-chair of the National Task Force on Hepatitis B. He has a particular interest in the overlap between drug use, drug policy and hepatitis. + Matt Simon of Marijuana Policy Project regarding progress on drug laws in New England.

Guest(s): Richard Andrews
Organization(s): Marijuana Policy Project

Download: Audio icon FDBCB022719.mp3


02/20/19 Senator John Whitmire

Drug Truth Network Editorial re fiasco bust in Houston, interview with Texas Senator John Whitmire + US Congressional Hearing on Safe Banking Act for marijuana business owners and employees featuring Fiona Ma California Sec of Treasury & Maj Neill Franklin Exec Dir of Law Enforcement Action Partnership,

Guest(s): John Whitmire
Organization(s): LEAP
Senator John Whitmire
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Link(s): LEAP

02/13/19 Joe Moody

Rep Joe Moody re cannabis law change in Texas, Heather Fazio of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy & Christopher Redfearn victim of Texas asset forfeiture

Guest(s): Joe Moody
Organization(s): Texas Representative

Download: Audio icon FDBCB021319.mp3

Link(s): Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy