Bill Panzer

03/25/20 Bill Panzer

This week, we bring you an archive edition from August 30, 2015. It’s one our of Hempfest specials. Seattle Hempfest is a brilliant event, bringing together a couple hundred thousand beautiful freedom loving marijuana legalizing drug policy reforming people to a few mile stretch of park land along Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington. Speakers include CA attorney Bill Panzer, Montana medical marijuana activist Kari Boiter, and Canadian attorney John Conroy. Hempfest is still scheduled for August this year and the good lord willin’ we’ll actually have that event once again, but for now, while we’re sheltered in place in self-quarantine trying to survive this novel coronavirus, COVID-19, let’s go back to August of 2015 and Seattle Hempfest.

Century of Lies
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Bill Panzer
Drug War Facts
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