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The Drug Truth Network (DTN) is a media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the “war on drugs.”

Claiming the Moral Highgrond
Claiming the Moral High Ground - A Global Indictment of the War on Drugs video features 19 government officials and high level experts from around the world, all greatly desirous of being a part of this "indictment'. These experts describe in great detail the misery, the ineptitude, the corruption and the myriad horrors we inflict on ourselves and the whole world by continuing to believe in the policy of drug prohibition. Thankfully they also provide the simple solution, first to decriminalize to prove a point and then ASAP to legalize, regulate and actually control these now ludicrously named "controlled substances."

Cultural Baggage

02/04/23 David Shuster

David Shuster

David Shuster is our guest. Topic of discussion, the murder of Mr. Tyre Nichols. Mr Shuster who reports for The Young Turnks is a broadcast journalist and influencer with more than 25 years of experience across a wide range of national platforms within the broadcast news industry.

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Guest(s): David Shuster
Organization: The Young Turks
Link(s): The Young Turks

Century of Lies

02/07/23 Eris Nyx

Eris Nyx

On this edition of Century, part one of a conversation with Eris Nyx of the Drug User Liberation Front about decrim, safe supply, and the compassion club model.

Guest(s): Eris Nyx
Link(s): Drug War Facts

Becker's Buds

02/02/23 Tribute to Tyre Nichols

David Shuster of the Young Turks visits the Moral High Ground program hosted by Pacifica's Dean Becker to discuss the murder of Mr. Tyre Nichols by the cops and pointing out the failures of US law enforcement to abide by the US Constitution.

Tribute to Tyre Nichols
Guest(s): David Shuster
Organization: The Young Turks

Tribute to Tyre Nichols with David Shuster of TYT and Dean Becker of DTN


4:20 Drug War News

02/09/23 Judge James P. Gray

Thu - Judge James P. Gray 6