Century of Lies Moral High Ground is a one hour examination of the horrific failure of drug prohibition. Features in depth interviews with experts in law enforcement, medicine, reform, treatment and international involvement. Every day of the week, we prove the drug war is controlled by devious criminals. Moral High Ground programs are also trimmed to a 29:00 length and then issued as a separate half hour programs titled Cultural Baggage

HOUR PROGRAM: Major Neill Franklin is a 34-year law enforcement veteran of the Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police Department. During his time on the force, he held the position of commander for the Education and Training Division and the Bureau of Drug and Criminal Enforcement.

Neill Franklin
Neill Franklin, Law Enforcement Action Partnership
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Clark Neily is senior vice president for legal studies at the Cato Institute. His areas of interest include constitutional law, overcriminalization, coercive plea bargaining, police accountability, and gun rights.  56:00 W/FULL TRANSCRIPT

Clark Neily
Clark Neily, Cato Institute
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Randall Kallinen is a Gulf Coast attorney dedicated to protecting and advancing civil rights and liberties for all. For today's show we discuss police misconduct & attitudes.  Examination of perspectives, common reactions of law enforcement.  Police indifference to hand cuffed womans face in ant bed by same cops. 300 plus ant bites.  57:33 Extended conversation

Randall Kallinen   attorney
Randall Kallinen is a Gulf Coast attorney
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Kim Ogg is the District Attorney of Houston/Harris County Texas.  Topics include police corruption, judicial disparity, millions of traffic stops, prohibition of drugs, of words, porno, books, abortion & birth control and those who love to prohibit. MUCH MORE!

DA Ogg & DTN Host Becker
Kim Ogg, Harris County Texas District Attorney
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We are joined by two guests, DTN reporter Doug McVay and Sanho Tree of the Institute for Policy Studies in DC. Topics range from graduation season, drug education, the hypocrisy of drug war advocates, international drug war scrapes in Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan, around the world.  (51:19)

Sanho Tree, Doug McVay
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In Jury Nullification, author Clay Conrad examines the history, the law, and the practical and political implications of jury independence. Topics include roadside stops, The dissolution of law in the US and much more. (57:11)

Clay Conrad
Clay Conrad, Looney, Smith & Conrad
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(56:38}  Guest: Phil Smith has served as writer and editor of the Drug War Chronicle newsletter since May 2000. He has reported from the opium fields of Afghanistan and the coca fields of Bolivia and Peru, as well as the US-Mexico border and the mean streets of North American cities from Vancouver to Washington, DC.

Phil Smith
Phil Smith, Stop the Drug War
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Howard Wooldrige recently gave a talk to Grover Norquists gathering about Policing for Profit on US highways.

Howard heads up CItizens Opposing Prohibition and pays weekly visits to the US Congress to speak to our elected officials about how miserrable the drug war has become over the decades.  Howard travels extensively to share the truth about this eternal war on logic.

Howard Wooldrige
Howard Wooldrige, Citizens Opposing Prohibition
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Rusty White became a top K-9 narcotics dog trainer, Track and Attack K-9 trainer and handler, and served as the sniper for the Department of Corrections. White also worked for 7 years as a corrections officer in an maximum security prison in Arizona. White started to question the way the War on Drugs was being fought.

Rusty White
Rusty White, Law Enforcement Action Partnership
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Full one hour version: Doug McVay DTN reporter based on Oregon who produces Century of Lies each week, plus anthouny Taylor Cannabis Consultant, Chair, Oregon Cannabis Commission, Co-founder, Compassionate Oregon, an Oregon 501(c)4, non-profit medical cannabis advocacy organization. AUDIO only 58:00


D  McVay * D  Becker * A  Taylor * Eng H Reynolds
Anthony Taylor
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