Becker's Buds Becker's Buds, the Conscientious Objectors to Drug War video series is designed to educate, enlighten and embolden the viewer to realize the utter futility and actual destruction created through belief in drug prohibition. We interview those in the know, politicians, doctors, judges, prosecutors, cops, coroners, Christians and hundreds more. Your host Dean Becker proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the drug was is racist, stupid, immoral and without any benefit to you, your neighborhood or our nation.

Marshall Fogg retired from the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) as a Chief with 32 years of federal service while obtaining the highest law enforcement awards from the USMS Director, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, the Federal Bar Association and others, for service above and beyond the call of duty. He was officially honored with a task force plaque displaying ‘Batman’ for his ‘Gotham City’ and super hero characterization while on 24 hour call supervising joint USMS/DEA/State & Municipal enforcement operations nationwide. During his tenure in the USMS he was a member of the Special Operations Group (SOG) aka, SWAT TEAM which, included extensive training in Major Court Security OPS, Scuba Dive Rescue Specialist, Paratrooper, Special Assault Weapons, HandTo-Hand Combat, Improvised Explosive Devices and Foreign Dignitary Protection for the United Nations, General Assembly.

Guest: US Marshall Matthew Fogg

Top Law Enforcement to DA Kim Ogg's Office to Strategize on handling Fentanyl Overdose Crisis. Attendees include DEA Special Agent In Charge Daniel C. Comeaux, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Pasadena Police Chief Josh Brugger & Houston Deputy Police Chief

Guest: DEA Special Agent In Charge Daniel C. Comeaux
Organization: DEA

David Shuster of the Young Turks visits the Moral High Ground program hosted by Pacifica's Dean Becker to discuss the murder of Mr. Tyre Nichols by the cops and pointing out the failures of US law enforcement to abide by the US Constitution.

Guest: David Shuster
Organization: The Young Turks

Guest is Kim Ogg, the District Attorney of Houston Texas. She challenges drug war logic, seeks fewer arrests, more health care, etc. 5:10 Video

Half hour radio show discusses abortion, gun rights, Harding street bust and more. LInk:

Guest: Kim Ogg
Organization: District Attorney

Uvalde Texas heavily armed law enforcement left 19 children and their teachers to be slaughtered by a lone gunman. Stephen Downing Deputy Police Chief of Los Angeles (Ret) joins us to discuss this horrendous failure.

Over the last 20 plus years I have invested more than 40,000 hours reporting from scores of conferences and seminars around the US, Canada, Mexico and Bolivia. I have consulted with more than 3,000 drug policy experts to include NIDA scientists, doctors and researchers as well as consulting with sitting judges, district attorney's, police chiefs and sheriffs, prisoners in the pen and users in alleyways. I consult with many high echelon officials to include then President of Mexico Vicente Fox, Portugal's Drug Czar and the Founder of the Global Commission on drugs.

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Guest: Stephen Downing
Organization: Law Enforcement Action Partnership