Becker's Buds Becker's Buds, the Conscientious Objectors to Drug War video series is designed to educate, enlighten and embolden the viewer to realize the utter futility and actual destruction created through belief in drug prohibition. We interview those in the know, politicians, doctors, judges, prosecutors, cops, coroners, Christians and hundreds more. Your host Dean Becker proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the drug was is racist, stupid, immoral and without any benefit to you, your neighborhood or our nation.

Infamous San Francisco attorney Tony Serra proclaims we swim in a sea of snitches thanks to the drug war.

Guest: Tony Serra

San Francisco attorney Tony Serra stands forth against hypocrisy, irrational drug war.

Guest: Tony Serra

Tony Serra the renown San Francisco attorney, still practicing law at age 87 stands forth on expecting law enforcement to "follow the god damned law."

Guest: Tony Serra

Beckers Buds Welcomes Will Foster and His Grow. Busted for a few plants in 1997, Will was sentenced to 93 years in an Oklahoma prison. He now runs a giant clone company offering dozens of strains of cannabis to Oklahoma residents..

Guest: Will Foster
Organization: Herblix Clones

Steve Downing shares his thoughts with Dean Becker, host of Pacifica's Cultural Baggage program. Discussion centers on needless police encounters, Swat teams and militarization of police.

Guest: Steve Downing
Organization: Law Enforcement Action Partnership