Century of Lies

Century of Lies, with 16 years on air, has more than 30 affiliate stations in the US and Canada. Running 29 minutes per episode, Century of Lies is currently produced by Doug McVay, editor of Drug War Facts.






07/26/21 Elan Hagens

On this edition of Century of Lies, we discuss magic mushrooms, psilocybin therapy, equity, and social justice with Elan Hagens and Rebecca Martinez, co-founders of the Fruiting Bodies Collective.

Guest(s): Elan Hagens
Organization(s): Fruiting Bodies Collective
Link(s): Fruiting Bodies Collective
Elan Hagens and Rebecca Martinez
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07/19/21 Brandon Marshall

On this edition of Century of Lies, host Doug McVay is joined by Brandon Marshall, PhD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Brown University School of Public Health and founding director of the People, Place & Health Collective, to discuss harm reduction, recovery, community organizing, and Rhode Island becoming the first state in the nation to approve establishment of supervised consumption facilities.

Guest(s): Brandon Marshall
Organization(s): Professor of Epidemiology at the Brown University
Link(s): Drug War Facts
 Professor of Epidemiology at the Brown University
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07/12/21 Annajane Yolken

Rhode Island is now the first state in the United States to authorize the establishment of supervised consumption sites. To learn more and find out what this legislation will mean for the people of Rhode Island, host Doug McVay speaks with Annajane Yolken, co-chair of the Substance Use Policy, Education, & Recovery (SUPER) PAC and Director of Programs at Project Weber / RENEW, a Providence, Rhode Island, nonprofit providing services to the community.

Guest(s): Annajane Yolken
Organization(s): Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Annajane Yolken
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07/05/21 Elizabeth Dickinson

This week on Century of Lies we examine the protests rocking Colombia. Congress’s Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission held a hearing on the Colombia protests July First. We hear from three of the witnesses: Elizabeth Dickinson, a Senior Analyst for Colombia with the International Crisis Group; Angela Maria Penagos, Director of the Agri-food Initiative at the University of the Andes; and José Miguel Vivanco, Director of the Americas Division at Human Rights Watch. We’ll also hear from Claudia Cardona with Corporación Humanas in Colombia on “strengthening the role of the UN human rights system in drug policies: The case of arbitrary detention.

Guest(s): Elizabeth Dickinson
Organization(s): Human Rights Commission
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Elizabeth Dickinson
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06/28/21 Angela Me

On this edition of Century of Lies we hear from Angela Me, chief of the UNODC Statistics and Surveys Section, on the release of World Drug Report 2021 #ShareFactsOnDrugs #DrugPolicyFacts

Guest(s): Angela Me
Organization(s): UNODC
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Angela Me
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06/21/21 Cori Bush

This week on Century of Lies, drug policy reform moves forward around the world. In the US, Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) and Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) introduced the Drug Policy Reform Act on June 15. In Scotland, the Government has introduced a new drugs policy that includes support for supervised consumption facilities. We hear from Angela Constance, Member of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government’s Minister for Drugs Policy, and from Tommy Sheppard, a UK MP for Edinburgh East and member of the Scottish National Party.

Guest(s): Cori Bush
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Cori Bush
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06/14/21 Richard Elliott

The International Network of People Who Use Drugs organized a side event at the recent UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS, entitled “The Right to Rights: How do we get there for People who Use Drugs.” On this edition of Century of Lies we hear from two of the speakers: Richard Elliott, Executive Director, HIV Legal Network, and Ernesto Cortes, Secretario, Latin American Network of People who Use Drugs.

Guest(s): Richard Elliott
Link(s): Drug War Facts
 Richard Elliott
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06/07/21 Professor Peter Hendricks

This week: Century does psychedelics. We hear from Professor Peter Hendricks, PhD with the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on special considerations for evaluating psilocybin-facilitated treatments in vulnerable populations; and from Jazmin Pirozek, HBA, MSc on her work developing a traditional medicine strategy for the diabetes epidemic in First Nations communities in Canada.

Guest(s): Professor Peter Hendricks,
Organization(s): Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Professor Peter Hendricks
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05/31/21 Kojo Koram

Harm Reduction International recently organized a panel discussion entitled “Decolonizing drug policy: Dismantling racism and colonialism through drug policy reform.” We hear from some of the speakers including Kojo Koram, a writer, attorney, and lecturer in law at the Birkbeck School of Law; Shaun Shelley, the Policy, Advocacy and Human Rights Manager at TB HIV Care in South Africa; and Tripti Tandon, Deputy Director of the Lawyers Collective.

Guest(s): Kojo Koram
Organization(s): Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Kojo Koram
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05/26/21 Impacts of Covid-19 on the drug market

Australia’s Alcohol and Drug Foundation recently hosted a panel discussion entitled “Impacts of Covid-19 on the drug market: a multi-country multi-study analysis.” On this week’s show we hear from some of the panelists including Dr. Monica Barratt, a social scientist at the Drug Policy Modelling Program, which is part of Australia's National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales; Dr. Laura Garius, a criminologist who is a Policy Lead with the UK nonprofit Release; and Dr. Jack Cunliffe, a Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and Criminology at the University of Kent.

Guest(s): Dr. Monica Barratt
Organization(s): Drug War Facts
Link(s): Drug War Facts
Dr. Monica Barratt
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