09/07/22 Greg Denham

Cultural Baggage Radio Show
Greg Denham
Law Enforcement Action Partnership

Greg Denham is a retired senior sergeant of Victoria police and the Australian representative for the US-based agency Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Greg had a major article in the Guardian last week: "The rising appetite for powerful drugs like fentanyl is a direct result of Australia’s failing prohibition policies Tough questions must be asked about laws that perpetuate the myth that the war on drugs is winnable through prohibition Given our failure to learn the lessons of the past, the policy response to the fentanyl crisis is predictable. We will no doubt hear from politicians and law enforcement demanding more police, more invasive powers, tougher laws and longer jail sentences. The problem is, we’ve been taking this approach for more than 50 years and yet we know that drug seizures have little impact on drug availability. Despite what police and politicians tell us, drug prohibition, like alcohol prohibition, has failed." +++ DTN Editorial: Prohibition is Evil

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