Sarah Niman

10/25/22 Sarah Niman

This week on Century of Lies: Canada’s Bill C-5, Too Little & Too Late. We hear from Beeta Senedjani, Dialogues Program Coordinator with the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition; Nicole Luongo, Systems Change Coordinator with the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition; Safiyya Ahmad, Student-at-Law with the BC Civil Liberties Association; Niki Bains, Policy Staff Counsel with the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association; Caitlin Shane, Staff Lawyer with the Pivot Legal Society; Sarah Niman, Legal Counsel and Assistant Manager of Legal Services with the Native Women's Association of Canada; and Pam Hrick, Executive Director and General Counsel with the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund.

Century of Lies
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Sarah Niman
Canadian Drug Policy Coalition
Sarah Niman
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