05/14/24 Daniel Joloy

Century of Lies
Daniel Joloy
Eurasian Harm Reduction Association

This week on Century of Lies: We Fight, We Hide, We Unite. The Eurasian Harm Reduction Association recently hosted a discussion entitled Tenacity in the shrinking civic spaces: challenges and response of the organizations and activists working on drug policy and health in Central and Eastern Europe and in Central Asia, which examined prevalent legal strategies and frameworks utilized by authoritarian regimes to impede civil society's role in public health improvement, protection of human rights, and the delivery of life-saving harm reduction services. The discussion also showcased the resilience and tenacity exercised by civil society organizations in protecting and maintaining health and human rights services. It was an important discussion and there were a lot of lessons for human rights activists, harm reduction advocates, and drug policy reformers everywhere, including in the United States. We hear from Daniel Joloy with Amnesty International; Mikhail Golichenko, an attorney with the HIV Legal Network in Toronto, Canada; and Peter Sarosi with Rights Reporter Foundation and DrugReporter.

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