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Century of Lies

Celebrating 9 YEARS of Drug Truth Network with comedian Jim Breuer of SNL/Half Baked and author of new book "I'm Not High" + Allan Clear of Harm Reduction Coalition & Jodie Emery, wife of Marc now in US prison for 5 years for selling seeds

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Century of Lies / October 10, 2010

(John Lennon)

I'm sick to death of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth now

I've had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth now

All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth now
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth

All I want is the truth!

(Music continues)

Oh, how we miss you, John. His birthday just passed, which also happens to be on the nine-year anniversary of the Drug Truth Network. It was John Lennon’s courage that led me to begin this battle against the pig-headed politicians. This is Century of Lies. My name is Dean Becker and we are seeking the Unvarnished Truth about this eternal war on drugs.

(Music continues)

No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky Dicky
Is gonna Mother Hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocketful of soap
Money for dope
Money for rope


Welcome to this ninth anniversary edition of Century of Lies here on the Drug Truth Network, Pacifica radio with a total of ninety-five, I think it is now, independent college and pirate stations around the US and Canada with one in Australia. I thank you for being with us and I thank you for your support over the years.

We do have with us, a guest that I – you know, normally, I get to talk with doctors and scientists, politicians, cops, wardens, that kind of thing. But today we’ve got with us, Mister Jim Breuer. You’ve seen him on Saturday Night Live. You’ve heard his Joe Pesci and his goat boy and you saw him on Half Baked and you’ve seen him in the comedy clubs. I’m thrilled to welcome the author of I’m Not High, Mister Jim Breuer. Are you with us sir?

Jim Breuer: I am! How are ya?

Dean Becker: Thank, Jim. I’ve been a huge fan over the years and you know, it’s just wonderful to have you with us here. This book is great. It tells the story of a life, really. It tells about growing up and the progress, the pitfalls and the success and all of that, doesn’t it?

Jim Breuer: Yes, it brings it through the whole journey and I think my favorite part of it, honestly, is that people who have read it. You know they buy it to read about Saturday Night Live or Half Baked or whatever but then they find pleasant surprises and it’s inspiring.

I kind of wanted it to be a little inspiring because there is that deeper inspiring side to me that I don’t get to put out there enough but people are catching on to it. It’s pretty awesome. It’s really awesome.

Dean Becker: It is. Jim, it kind of took me back to some of the innocence of my childhood, thinking about those younger days, if you will. You know, the progress and the relationships with your parents and other adults and how it all kind of unfolds and develops. It’s a great book. I want to thank you for it.

Jim Breuer: Wow! Thank you so much. I was a little – I wasn’t – I was a little scared to put something like that out there. I didn’t know – it’s funny how you want to put something good out there, that you think will HELP people.

You think they’ll relate to it and yet there’s this part of society or the entertainment world that I have the fear the that, “Oh, the backlash of what you’re gonna to get!” and once I overcame that, I thought, what backlash? Who cares? How can you be ashamed if it’s something realty good and powerful.

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: So, once I got over that little fear there and I really went into it. There was just no stopping it and I just love the repercussions.

Dean Becker: Now, Jim, I’m not going to ask you to elaborate on any past drug use but what we do here – this is the Drug Truth Network –

Jim Breuer: Sure.

Dean Becker: On a weekly basis, we – what I call – we examine the unvarnished truth about the Drug War and I’m sure (laughs) that there are some really great stories in there about projectile vomiting. I’ve got to admit that.

Jim Breuer: Yeah, yeah.

Dean Becker: One of the most of the most dangerous – the most dangerous drug for most folks, right?

Jim Breuer: I think alcohol is one of the – it’s underrated how dangerous it is. I mean, I – you’re talking about that there’s twice in my life, especially in the beginning.

You know, when kids go to college, they lose so much – it’s freedom and sometimes, it’s too much freedom because they’re just in the peer pressure of, “Wow! Wow, how wasted can you get? Who’s the champion of getting wasted?”

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: That’s fine and good but you lose your morals. You lose your strength and that becomes – twice in my life, I puked while I was sleeping and thank God, both times I didn’t choke to death. I mean that’s –

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: So, people laugh at that and say, “Whoa, I choked in my sleep!” It would have just been sad and gross to go THAT way.

Dean Becker: Well, yeah. We’ve lost too many of our entertainers, Janice and Jimmy and maybe even Chris Farley. I don’t know if alcohol was in combination with his intake, but you know. We’ve lost a lot of great folks.

Jim Breuer: Bon Scott. Bon Scott choked on his own gack.

Dean Becker: It’s just a horrible way to go.

Jim Breuer: Yeah, it’s disturbing.

Dean Becker: Jim, the title of the book, I’m Not High, that kind of refers to the fact that, as you say, you were born looking kind of sleepy or stoned, right?

Jim Breuer: (Laughs) Yeah. I look like I’m baked, 24/7, which I really didn’t think about that much, until I got older. Then I realized, yeah, I kind of enjoy looking this way because people’s expectations of me are below zero. So, they can only go up.

Dean Becker: Yeah. Yeah.

Jim Breuer: It taught me a lot about judging people because people would instantly judge me. Yeah, it’s the way I look. My seven year old looks the same way. When she zones in on like a lady bug, my seven year old kid, her mouth is open and that’s when I realize how wrecked I really look.

Dean Becker: (Laughs) Well, alright. Folk, we’re speaking with Mister Jim Breuer. He’s author of a great new book I recommend, I’m Not High. A little subtitle here: but I have a lot of crazy stories about life as a goat boy and a dad that’s a spiritual warrior.

Jim, I want to commend you for touching on that. I’m not a really a religious person but I believe in the Spirit. I believe that there is something beside just this physical.

Jim Breuer: Oh, I know there is.

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: I know there is. I have my own proof and that’s some of the stuff I put in there. I have my own proof.

Dean Becker: Sure.

Jim Breuer: I can’t prove it for everyone. I’m not going to try and prove it for everyone but for me personally? A 1000% and that’s part of the book too where people go, “Oh, my God, I had these experiences.” Or, “I feel that same way.”

Of course, since the beginning of man, we’ve always worshiped something and that was before Bibles or Korans or before we even learned how to write. There were always praying to either spirits or the sun or the land. They were always getting together to pray about something. Who taught them that? That’s got to be an instinct.

Dean Becker: Well, I think it must be. Now, one of the early allies and I think he is and continues to be, was Tracey Morgan right?

Jim Breuer: Tracy was – Tracey would always, he was like a schizophrenic preacher. In one sense he would go (impersonating Tracey’s voice), “You know, Jim, God wants you to have childrens. You’ve got this spirit inside you. You ain’t goin’ fly as a man until you get childrens.”

He would tell me all this stuff but then, you know, ten minutes later his shirt would be off and I’m like, “What are you doing?” And he’d say (impersonating Tracey’s voice), “I’m sexy! Someone’s gonna get pregnant!” You can’t talk like that in Ben & Jerry’s. What’s the matter with you?

But, he would have this really deep, heavy side to him that was a – and that’s part of that spiritual warrior thing. You don’t have to – people think you need a priest, which doesn’t help sometimes, or a revered or whatever, to give you something that can change your life, just an ordinary person can.

Dean Becker: Yeah. Ok, Jim, the only other comedian I’ve had on is Tommy Chong. You know, he’s become a marijuana reform – reformer, if you will.

Jim Breuer: Sure.

Dean Becker: And, I know that many of the, well, heck – most everybody has tried pot at this point in their life.

Jim Breuer: Oh, God. I’m not going to lie to you. I smoked it for a long time. For a long time I was an everyday “one-hitter” guy.

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: I didn’t like a whole joint but I loved a one-hitter. I also realized that I definitely was addicted, you know. A lot of people say (in a mocking voice), “Oh, you can’t get addicted.” And you can, you get addicted to that feeling. You get addicted and –

Dean Becker: Obsessive Compulsive, it does happen. I agree.

Jim Breuer: Well, I know dude because it happened to me. So, I stopped for a couple of years and started writing a book and had to clear myself but I’d be the first one to lie to you to say I miss it once and a while.

Dean Becker: Well, sure, like a good glass of wine or who knows what if you’re an alcoholic.

Jim Breuer: Exactly. That’s exactly how I feel like. It’s like a nice fine Merlot at the end of the night. I definitely miss it and I wouldn’t be shocked if when the kids are a little bit older and I am on my way, I’m beck in there with my fine wine Merlot at the end of the night.

Dean Becker: Well there you – I just turned sixty-two, retirement age and I promised myself that once I got old, I might try some of those substances that I abandoned some twenty five or thirty years ago.

Jim Breuer: Yeah. I plan to. I’m not going to lie to you. I plan to. It will make the little ones a lot more interesting. (Laughs)

Dean Becker: (Laughs) Well, you’ll have more fun with them but the little ones are like their high all the time anyway, I think.

Jim Breuer: They’re naturally high, that’s what’s powerful about it.

Dean Becker: Yeah, they are such a –

Jim Breuer: Yeah, it should be legal. It’s ridiculous that it’s not legal. I have – I do understand that at all. I’m not a – I’m not one that cares either way but it seems silly that it’s illegal. That makes no sense.

Dean Becker: No, it doesn’t. Now Jim, your book, I’m Not High, is just now hitting the shelves, right?

Jim Breuer: Yeah, it’s got a great feedback. It’s on the shelves. The cheapest place to get it is on Amazon.com but there’s also, what’s starting to spread is the audio version.

It’s me not really reading from the book but actually telling all the stories as if I was sitting in the yard telling you each and every story. So, it seems like the truckers are loving the audio version.

Dean Becker: (Laughs) Yeah, I bet so. I bet so. Hey, you are – you now have, is it one or two shows a week on Sirius radio?

Jim Breuer: It’s Fridays. Fridays only, from four-to-six and I’m looking – I used to be everyday and I’m looking to go everyday again but I just want to decide what channel would be best for me to go everyday.

Dean Becker: Ok and I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you to maybe do another impression or two. How about Joe Pesci?

Jim Breuer: (Laughs) You could get – I just got a couple of celebrities on my GPS and I think they’re like ten bucks a month. I got Ozzy Osbourne on there.

Dean Becker: Oh yeah?

Jim Breuer: Yeah, he’s useless on there, really. He’s like (impersonating Osbourne’s voice), “[Unintelligable] Don’t ask me where to go. I’m not sure how to get to Chicago.” They have – I got Lars Ulrich of Metallica (impersonating Ulrich’s voice), “Dude, Let’s blow this joint and go find somewhere to have a great time.” And I’ve got Pesci on there and he gets mad if you get lost (impersonating Pesci’s voice), “Hey, what’s a matter with you? Didn’t I tell you to make a left turn about a quarter mile ago? We’re in New Jersey. I can’t even take a left turn anymore. You have to make a right turn to make a left! You don’t even listen to me! Why am I in this car?”

Dean Becker: (Laughs) Jim, now I was reading in the book about the first encounter where you guys had to do a dress rehearsal but they wouldn’t do the rehearsal.

Jim Breuer: Yeah. Yeah.

Dean Becker: Tell us more about that.

Jim Breuer: You talking about Pesci?

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: Joe Pesci was going to surprise me on Saturday Night Live and bring Robert De Niro for the first time ever on television, live television and Pesci wanted to meet me before the show started and before we started rehearsing.

I was REALLY excited. I really thought I was really going to be in the next Goodfellas movie and all the rest of the gangster movies. I was hopped up but when I walked into the room, it was very surreal. I mean, he had a scar and he had a pinky ring and it looked like he was off the set of Goodfellas.

I looked at him and I said, “Oh my God, Mr. Pesci. Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough. This is going to be so awesome. People are going to flip out.” He just looked at me and he goes (impersonating Pesci’s voice) “Sit down. Sit down. Let me ask you something. You’re going to thank me for giving you a career?”

I kind of giggled and all but then, he goes, “Are you Italian?” I said, “No, no. I’m not Italian but I grew up with Italians in Long Island.” He said, “I didn’t ask if you grew up with Italians. I’m asking if you were Italian. But if you’re not Italian, then don’t you find it offensive, using offensive racial slurs, like wop and ginny and dego like what come out of your mouth, if you’re not Italian? Because I have to be honest, it bothers me.”

For the next ten minutes, I swear to this day that he meant it and he just – he was serious. How I offend him. I make him look like an animal. “I don’t like what you’re doing to the Italian community.”

I thought I was going to have to sign a contract with the Mafia. At the end, I finally apologized and I said, “I’ll never do the sketch again. I’ll quit Saturday Night Live if you want. He said, “You’re talking crazy now. I’m just busting your chops for crying out loud. You’re from New York. I thought I could bust your chops and by the way I don’t like that gold thing. It freaks me out.”

Then he was cool. He was really awesome after that.

Dean Becker: You know that’s got to be something to have your chops busted by Joe Pesci.

Jim Breuer: Oh my God, it was one of the greatest things ever but it really scared me for a long time.

Dean Becker: Yeah, it scares me just thinking of him talking to me. Now, Ok – now I want to go to about every six months or a year, I break out, I’ve got it on DVD.

Jim Breuer: Half Baked!

Dean Becker: Half Baked.

Jim Breuer: Yeah!

Dean Becker: I watched it again and it’s one of the best movies about marijuana use that’s ever been made.

Jim Breuer: I think so! I really think so, hands down. It was Chappelle. You know, one thing that people don’t know about my character because sometimes they think it’s my movie but Chappelle is the one that wrote it and handed me the script.

He’s the one that came to me and I didn’t even have to audition for that. Dave Chappelle, we knew each other for a long time and Dave came to me and was like(impersonating Chappelle’s voice) “J-man, You’ve got to be in this weed movie, Dawg. I’m telling you’ve got to play the main guy because the way you look, you don’t even need make up. You just show up, Dawg. Hahahaa!”

He wrote my part perfectly. Throughout – Brian, my character Brian, throughout that movie there is not one once of improving. I do the words, literally word for word. Ordering the food, the analogy of “killer”, everything is non-improv. It’s all word for word the way Dave wrote it.

Dean Becker: Yeah, it is a classic. It puts Refer Madness to shame. I’ll say that.

Jim Breuer: I think so.

Dean Becker: Well, Ok, once again folks we speaking with Jim Breuer. He’s author of a great new book I highly recommend. If you want to learn about his career and just the person, I urge you to get a copy, I’m Not High. It’s a – it’s just a good look at a life and I think you’ve done a great job with it, Jim.

Jim Breuer: Well, thanks man. I appreciate it.

Dean Becker: I wanted to jump into the life that you lived. You know –

Jim Breuer: Yeah.

Dean Becker: The comedy clubs and the travel. Sometimes living in a – what was it – like a flophouse with all of the comedians.

Jim Breuer: (Laughs) It was like a crack house, really. It was condos. Sometimes you would go there and guys would be tripping.

Dean Becker: Yeah?

Jim Breuer: There’s time when guys were snorting and would have hookers in there, which sounds fun to maybe some young people but not when you money’s getting stolen, while you’re sleeping.

Dean Becker: Right.

Jim Breuer: They were scary places but that was – when you go on the road, that’s like a comedian’s college. That’s like our dorm. That’s our college.

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: It was – I’ve got to say that those were some of the best times I ever had. It was trial and error, but – as a matter of fact, I think in two weeks, I’m going back to one of my first road gigs ever, which is was in Knoxville, Tennessee. It will about be twenty years – twenty-one years to the day that I go back there and play, which is kind of scary, thinking that I’ve been around that long.

Dean Becker: Well, yeah, I have seen you over the years and I guess as you age you kind of lose track of how fast it goes by.

Jim Breuer: God dang! You ain’t kidding – when I can say – when you come up to me and say, “Yo, the party in the stomach is the greatest bit I’ve ever seen in my life.” Then I realize. Holy Crow, that thing is sixteen or seventeen years old.

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: It’s on YouTube now. Now it’s on YouTube. Now it’s got millions and millions and millions of – and Europeans are starting to email me saying, “You act funny” with really bad English spelling. Thank God for YouTube, by the way.

Dean Becker: Yeah. Jim, we’re celebrating today, nine years of this Drug Truth Network. We’ve got this, I think, on ninety-five stations in the US and Canada and one in Australia that carries this and I don’t know. It’s a benchmark for me and I’m glad that folks have appreciated what we’ve done over the years.

I know they’ve appreciated what you’ve done over the years. You’ve had much great success. Now, Jim, you talk about your family in here quite a bit and your dad appears to be quite a character. Do you want to tell us about him?

Jim Breuer: He’s a character. I’ve got to be careful where I bring him because he – I never know what coming out of this guy’s mouth.

Dean Becker: Yeah.

Jim Breuer: He’s also at that age where he poops himself. I can stick him in a home but I go with it and it’s funny and tragic at the same time. It’s like, you know, last week, I had him on the road. We were in Iowa and I’m checking in. He’s got to “go” and when he says he’s got to go, I’ve got like eight seconds to find a toilet. I try to get him out of the car and he doesn’t make it. It comes out of his pants.

Dean Becker: Oh.

Jim Breuer: I finally got him up there to shower him and one of the most surreal moments, again it’s tragic and funny at the same time. You’ve got to laugh. I go down stairs to get my bags. I pulled him out of the car and he’d left a little present on the sidewalk. To see people staring at it and going, “I can’t believe somebody let their dog do that on the side walk and didn’t pick up after themselves.”

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, that’s not a dog that was my dad. So, I think I have the only dad who actually has put some – laid some trophies down on an actual sidewalk.

Dean Becker: Uh. Well, that’s love though, Jim. It is.

Jim Breuer: That’s LOVE! That’s when you’re a MAN, when you are wiping another man’s rear end, boy. I’ll tell you what.

Dean Becker: Well, and again, it speaks to you and the presentation of this book. It tells a real story and I commend you for that, for speaking some truth.

Jim Breuer: Well, thanks man, hopefully some people will get into this and I think that – I know they will, when they read it. Anyone who reads it, is blown away by it. So, I’m excited about it and I hope your listeners love it and thanks for having me. Check out the book, Jim Breuer, I’m Not High.

Dean Becker: And Jim, is there a website, you said Amazon?

Jim Breuer: Yeah, you can go to jimbreuer.com and if you’ve got kids, you put on the kid channel and like I said, the cheapest place right now is amazon.com and then there’s the audio version. But jimbreuer.com and the Facebook fan page is where I am always on.

Dean Becker: Well, it’s a great book. As I said, it’s a human story. It’s got humor and tragedy and just a big story.

Jim Breuer: Thank you, brother.

Dean Becker: I appreciate you Jim – a

Jim Breuer: Thank you.

Dean Becker: And I hope you’ll come back and join us here soon on the Drug Truth Network.

Jim Breuer: Well, you ask me and I’ll be back. Thank you, brother.

Dean Becker: Alright, thank you.

Jim Breuer: Bye.


Allan Clear: This is Allan Clear, Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition.

Dean Becker: Allan, next month, you guys are having a major conference and in Austin, Texas, correct?

Allan Clear: Yes, we are. We’re going to be in Austin from November 18th-21st at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin. It’s the eighth national Harm Reduction conference which we are calling Harm Reduction Beyond Borders.

Dean Becker: Let’s talk about what one can expect from such a conference.

Allan Clear: Well, I know I’m biased but I actually like our conference a lot because it’s a nice mix of community members, researchers and people who provide services and academics.

What we’re going to see is that it will be drug users talking about their experiences and looking after their own health care. It will be talking about how we change social services so that they work better for drug users and we’re also looking at drug policy change, as well.

So, there will be quite a bit of focus on what the world of syringe exchange, for example, looks like now that the federal ban on the funding of syringe exchanges are being removed. We’re going to have some sessions on safe injection facilities, as they have in Canada and Europe, as we’re trying to work towards in places like San Francisco.

We’re looking at overdose prevention because a lot of the deaths related to opiate use is overdose related. So, we’ll be looking at ways to help reduce overdose deaths and help people look after their own health.

Dean Becker: Well, I’ve been to a couple of these conferences and you’re right. There are those instructing on better ways to deal with relapses, on ways to deal with helping to change the individual’s focus to deal with their problem, more so than allowing or pretending the criminal justice system do such a thing, correct?

Allan Clear: Yes, absolutely. This is a public health approach to drug use. So, it’s doesn’t play down the fact that drugs are a serious problem for individuals in communities but it looks at in from a different perspective. It looks at it with from a strength perspective, where people and communities can have greater control over drug use and what goes on in their lives.

So, you don’t have to get hepatitis C. You don’t have to die of drug overdose. You don’t have to get HIV. You can get medical care. We want to kind of undo some of the damage that the war on drugs has done over the years and the way it has marginalized people that use drugs.

Dean Becker: Once again, we’ve been talking to Mister Allan Clear. He’s Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition and please point folks towards you website where they can learn more about this conference.

Allan Clear: It’s in Austin. It’s November 18th- 21st, in Austin at the Renaissance Hotel. Our website is www.harmreduction.org.


Alright, I hope you’re enjoying this Century of Lies. We have only a couple of minutes left and I think she just landed somewhere. We’ll get her to tell us about it, but the wife of Mark Emery, Mrs. Jodie Emery is with us. Hello Jodie.

Jodie Emery: Hi, thanks for having me.

Dean Becker: Hi, Jodie. Well, yes ma’am. Where you just landed is unimportant. You have a reason that you’d like to talk to my listeners. Why don’t you share those thoughts?

Jodie Emery: Well, I just did get home to Vancouver after visiting my husband, Mark Emery, in Seattle at the federal prison there. We’re having a fundraiser on Saturday the 16th of this month. The reason that we are doing that is that Mark is in US federal prison for selling cannabis seeds for over a decade to Americans and people all over the world and using that money, all of the profits of $4,000,000 or so, to fund the movement in so many different ways.

Now he is in federal prison on a five year sentence and we are trying to get him transferred to Canada because then he’ll be able to get out sooner, as soon as next November on our Canadian parole, whereas in the United States he would have to serve out his whole sentence.

So, we need to hire a transfer specialist lawyer and that’s going to cost us about $8,500. We’ve already got people pledging money. We have over $1,000 dollars toward it, so far. But, as people know, as a millionaire Mark never kept the money that he made because the police would have just seized it and it wasn’t – personal gain was not the point of selling those seeds.

He sold the seeds so people could plant the seeds of freedom and overgrow the government. The promise that he made would was that the money would be sent back into the movement. He sponsored drug policy conferences. He saved marijuana policy when Project Support was about to shut down. He’s funded NORML and the US Marijuana Party, conferences, drug rehabilitation clinics and medical marijuana laws.

Dean Becker: And the Drug Truth Network. I want to throw that in there. The folks out there, the smokers and the growers should realize one thing; that the millions of seeds he sold, resulted in an amazing array of cannabis strains that are now available in the US. We should thank him for that, if nothing else.

But, once again, we are speaking to his wife, Jodie Emery. Jodie, once again, point to the websites where folks could learn more how they can help in this regard.

Jodie Emery: Ok, you can go to cannabisculture.com or freemark.ca and help contribute. We have different ways listed that you can send money in or pay on-line to help us out because Mark really saved a lot of people’s lives with the medical marijuana growing from those seeds and the money used to make medical marijuana laws in Colorado, in Nevada and a lot of places, Washington D.C. So, Mark gave his all for over a decade for the movement.

Now, in his time of need, we’re asking people to give back to him. So, go to cannabisculture.com and freemark.ca and if you can’t afford to donate, share the links and let other people know and write a letter to our Public Safety Minister and the Department of Justice in the United States, asking for them to send Mark home.

He can serve his time at home. He’s a political prisoner and we really need people’s help.

Dean Becker: Alright, Jodie Emery. Thank you so much and we’ll be in touch. We’ll keep at this until Mark’s free won’t we?

Jodie Emery: Yes, thank you so much for your support and I wish you all the best.

Dean Becker: Alright. Jodie Emery, we’ll talk to you soon.


Ok, folks. Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s Century of Lies. Jim Breuer was quite a hit. I’m Not High is his book and I urge you to tune in if you get the chance and please go to the sites that Jodie mentioned. You guys are the answer. You guys have to do your part to help bring this Drug War to an end so we can set good people like Mark Emery free.

All he did was sell seeds. He never even left Canada. He just filled mail orders and sent the seeds out and people were glad to take them. Adults selling to adults. The US government sentenced him to five years. You guys have to do your part, that’s all I can say.

As always, I remind you, there’s no truth, no justice, no logic or scientific fact. No medical data, no reason for this Drug War to exist. We have been duped. The drug lords run both sides of this equation. Please, do your part to help end the madness.

Visit our website: endprohibition.org

Prohibido istac evilesco!


For the Drug Truth Network, this is Dean Becker. Asking you to examine our policy of Drug Prohibition.

The Century of Lies.

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