04/09/21 Dean Becker

Fri - DTN Editorial: "Drug war is racist, stupid and evil"

4:20 Drug War News
Friday, April 9, 2021
Dean Becker
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The following is a drug truth network editorial: Directed at politicians and drug war policy makers, your racism is showing. I beseech you to reconsider your addiction to drug war.

Over the lifetime of this drug war, just here in the US, we have arrested more than 50 million of our fellow citizens for possessing personal amounts of drugs. We have “invested” well over one trillion dollars in trying to stop the flow of drugs while at the same time drug users have “invested” well over ten trillion dollars to ensure the continual flow of drugs. Sadly, despite all the law enforcement efforts, we have never stopped even one determined child from getting their hands on their drug of choice. The racism that began this drug war has expanded over the decades to now become obvious, glaring and ugly to any who would dare to take a good look the implementation and horrible consequences of this eternal prohibition of certain chemical components.

The drug war began a hundred years ago via racial bigotry, lies and hysteria foisted by moralists and charlatans. The modern drug war is draconian, illogical and an affront to our basic rights as citizens of these United States.

Make no mistake, the drug war is ending, slow and bloody but it is ending. It is my hope that high echelon officials will soon dare to speak openly, would combine forces and dare to say what is so obvious, that the drug war is a fiasco, a festering collection of lies, innuendo and fear. How long must we wait, how many lives will it take, how many years if not decades will it take for us to finally realize the futility of this second, hopeless attempt at prohibition?

So once again, I ask that you talk to one another openly, about this everlasting fiasco and seek to actually control the manufacture and sale of the ludicrously named “controlled substances” for adult use. Some day soon I pray our President or a scrum of Senators or Representatives will develop a back bone and will indeed speak the full truth in regard to the use of drugs and become full blown heroes to this nation.

Racist, stupid as a brick and evil as the devil himself, prohibition has no real benefit for any individual on this planet. I am Dean@drugtruth.net