01/30/24 Doctor Sheila Vakharia

Century of Lies
Doctor Sheila Vakharia

This week on Century of Lies: Oregon’s Measure 110: What the Research Shows – pt 2. RTI International held a research symposium January 22 on Measure 110, Oregon’s Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act. On this edition of Century we hear from Kristen Donheffner, MPH, M110 Engagement and Strategy Manager at the Oregon Health Authority, on the topic of Measure 110: One Year of Implementation. Plus we hear from Doctor Sheila Vakharia, Deputy Director of the Department of Research and Academic Engagement at the Drug Policy Alliance and author of The Harm Reduction Gap: Helping Individuals Left Behind by Conventional Drug Prevention and Abstinence-only Addiction Treatment, on How Can Harm Reduction Policies be Used to Protect Vulnerable Populations.

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