02/27/24 Jessica Minifie

Century of Lies
Jennifer Parrish-Taylo

This week on Century of Lies: Two Steps Back. The state of Oregon’s groundbreaking Measure 110, a ballot initiative overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2020 that decriminalized small-scale simple possession of some drugs and provided funding for vital services, is on the verge of being rolled back by state legislators who are being cheered on by police and other drug war supporters. We hear from Jessica Minifie, Senior Deputy Legislative Counsel at the Oregon Legislature; Jennifer Parrish-Taylor, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, Urban League of Portland; Grant Hartley, Multnomah County director, Metropolitan Public Defenders; Mae Lee Browning, Legislative Director of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association; Danita Harris, Deputy Director of Movement Building, Imagine Black; Jackie Yerby, Director of Community Engagement at the ACLU of Oregon; Haven Wheelock, harm reduction services manager at Outside In; and Sandy Chung, Executive Director of the ACLU of Oregon.

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