04/02/24 Drug Reform Coordination Network

Moral High Ground
Matt Elrod
Glenda Barr
Drug Reform Coordination Network.

Matt Elrod has been a computer enthusiast since he purchased his first TRS-80 PC with 16 kilobytes of ram and a cassette tape drive. Matt became interested in reforming drug laws after becoming a father in 1987. "The drug war did not protect me, my siblings or my friends from drugs and I do not expect it to protect my children."

In 1996, his interest in drug policy led him to the drug-related Usenet groups and from there to the Drug Reform Coordination Network. Matt's partner Glenda Barr has become a drug reformer herself in the last few years.  Glenda provides daily updates and other posts at DrugSense. She has become quite the well-informed reformer herself.

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