Cultural Baggage 2006

12/29/06 Barry Cooper, former #1 narcotics agent releases new DVD: "Never Get Busted Again" + Terry Nelson of LEAP & Poppygate   Listen

12/22/06 Rev. Alan Bean of Friends of Justice re: federal Informant program + Terry Nelson of LEAP, Corrupt Cop Story, Cliff Thornton of EFFICACY Listen

12/15/06 Roman Catholic Priest Joseph Ganselle +Poppygate, Corrupt Cop story, Drug War Facts, Terry Nelson of LEAP  Listen

12/08/06 Warden Richard Watkins of LEAP + Cliff Thornton of Efficacy Listen

12/01/06 Eric Sterling of Criminal Justice Police Foundation + Terry Nelson & Howard Wooldridge of LEAP, Poppygate, Drug War Facts   Listen

11/24/06 Kris Krane of Students for Sensible Drug PolicyListen

11/17/06 Rev. Eddy Lepp, 20/20 looks at drug war injustice + Drug War Facts  Listen

11/10/06 The Mind Body Connection: The Doctors Listen

11/03/06 Michael Josephs of Witness for Peace, Kris Crane of Students for Sensible Drug Policy + Terry Nelson of LEAP   Listen

10/27/06 Aaron Dixon, running for US Senate in Wash State, Loretta Nall, running for Governor in Ala + DTN Sermon Pt 1   Listen

10/20/06 Ed Rosenthal, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Poppygate, Drug War Facts, Official Govt Truth & Steve Bloom, Editor of High Times: STONY awards  Listen

10/13/06 Drug Truth Network Celebrates 5 Years!  (Pt 2) with George Mortorano, Rep. John Conyers, D.A. Chuck Rosenthal, Warden Richard Watkins + DTN reporters Terry Nelson of LEAP, Poppygate with Glenn Greenway, Corrupt Cop story with Phil Smith & Drug War Facts with Doug Mcvay   Listen

10/06/06 Ethan Nadelmann of Drug Policy Alliance + Official Govt. Truth, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Corrupt Cop Story & Poppygate  Listen

09/29/06 Dr. Mitch Earleywine editor of Pot Politics + Kinky Friedman, Poppygate & Black Perspective & KPFT Prison Show Host Ray Hill   Listen

09/22/06 Gary Bernsten, former CIA officer who led charge on Afghanistan and author of "Jawbreaker" + Poppygate, Terry Nelson of LEAP & Stash of Bags   Listen

09/15/06 National African American Drug Policy Coalition: Judge Arthur L. Burnett & Vincent Hayden + Howard Wooldridge of LEAP  Listen

09/08/06 Rainbow Farms II + Corrupt Cop Story, Black Perspective, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Poppygate & Drug War Facts  Listen

09/01/06 Sanho Tree discusses recent trip to Colombia + Terry Nelson of LEAP, Drug War Facts 2, Corrupt Cop StoryMPP PSA & Poppygate report  Listen

08/25/06 Seattle Hempfest Special I, Vivian McPeak, Mason Tvert, Un Gallo, Black Perspective, Kris Krane, David Guard, Terry Nelson, Poppygate & "Official" Govt. Truth Listen<

08/18/06 Summer Special, Best 4:20 Drug War NEWS  Listen

08/11/06 Steve Rolles of UK drug policy Transform + Drug Czar Walters in the UK  Listen

08/04/06 Lynn Paltrow of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Black Pespective, Corrupt Cop Story, Poppygate, Official Govt Truth, Terry Nelson, Drug War Facts   Listen

07/28/06 Prof. Arnold Trebach, author "Fatal Distraction - Drug War in a time of Islamic Terror" + Name Drug, Terry Nelson, Black Perspective II, Poppygate, Official Govt Truth  Listen

07/21/06 Former Sheriff Earl Barnett + Chris Conrad marijuana expert & Black Perspective II, Official Govt. Truth Listen

07/14/06 Senator Larry Campbell- former mayor, coroner and drug cop in Vancouver + Terry Nelson of LEAP, Drug War Facts, Black Perspective & Poppygate   Listen

07/07/06 Loretta Nall, Alabama gubernatorial candidate + Roger Goodman state rep candidate in Washington state   Listen

06/30/06 NY Times Columnist John Tierney + Terry Nelson of LEAP, Black Perspective, Poppygate, Drug War Facts    Listen

06/23/06 Gary Jones on FBI death in Florida prison, Cliff Thornton running for Gov in Conn., Poppygate, Drug War Facts, Black Perspective, Corrupt Cop Story, 5 Tin Foil Hats awarded to  SCOTUS, John Tierney column in NY Times Listen 

06/16/06 Eric Sterling of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Drug War Facts  Listen

06/09/06 Nell Bernstein, author of "All Alone in the World-Children of the Incarcerated" + Drug War Facts, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Black Perspective II, Poppygate Listen

06/02/06 Fred Gardener, Editor of Medical Journal O'Shaughnessy's, Dr. David Duncan: Cannabis does NOT cause Cancer, Tom Angell, Students for Sensible Drug Policy + Whacking Day Offer Listen
5/26/06 Dr. Gustavo de Grieff, former Atty. General of Colombia, former ambassador, judge & LEAP board member + Terry Nelson of LEAP, Drug War Facts, Poppygate, & Official Govt. Truth Listen

05/19/06 Canadian Assoc. of Reform Organization II (Anti DEA) Conference with BC judge Jerry Paradis, Argentinean Judge Martin Vasquez Acunas, former police Chief Jerry Cameron of LEAP + Black Perspective on the drug war + Drug War Name Contest Winner  Listen

05/12/06 Politicians for Reform with Cliff Thornton (Gov. Conn), Kevin Zeese (US Senate, Maryland.), Loretta Nall (Gov. Ala.) & Willy Richmond (Comm. Hannibal Mo) + "Official Govt. Truth", 17 Yr Old gets 2 Years for 1 Joint  Listen  

05/05/06 Doug McVay of Drug War Facts, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project, Poppygate, Black Perspective, Name that Drug Listen

04/28/06 From San Francisco, the National NORML Conf. #1, Steve Dillion, San Francisco Super. Ross Mirkarimi   Listen

04/21/06 Rev. Eddy Lepp fights for sacramental cannabis Listen

04/14/06 Catherine Austin Fitts: "The Aristocracy of Prison Profits" Listen

04/07/06 Ariz. Atty. Mark Victor: "Legalize Methamphetamine!" Black Perspective on Drug War, Drug War Facts,  "Official" Govt Truth, $100 offer to listeners Listen

03/31/06 Dr. Frank Fisher, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Al Byrne of POT, Black perspective, "Govt Truth, Drug War Facts, Poppygate, name drug Listen

03/24/06 Cliff Thornton, candidate for Gov in Connecticut discusses Hartford White Paper  + Black Perspective, Poppygate, Drug War Facts, Corrupt Cop Story Listen

03/17/06 Maia Szalavitz, author Help At Any Cost-  how the troubled teen industry cons parents and hurts kids.+ LTE of Week, Drug War Facts, Black Perspective, Poppygate Listen

03/10/06 Marc Emery, Canada's "Prince of Pot" + Black Perspective, Official Govt. Truth, Corrupt Cop Story, Drug War Facts, Poppygate Report  Listen

03/03/06 San Francisco Atty. Tony Serra + Poppygate & Black Perspective I Listen

03/03/06 San Francisco Atty. Tony Serra + Poppygate & Black Perspective I Listen

02/24/06 Steve Fox & Mason Tvert of SAFER for intelligent marijuana laws + Dr. Rick Doblin on hoasca/sacramental tea ruling by SCOTUS Listen

02/17/06  DEA Agent (Ret)  Cele Castillo + Drug War Facts, Black Perspective, DTN Editorial Listen

02/10/06 Warden Rich Watkins, Bruce Mirken of MPP, Poppygate, Corrupt Cop, Black Perspective, Drug War Facts + Official Govt. Truth Listen

02/06/06 Howard Wooldridge + Peter Christ of LEAP  Listen

01/27/06 Gary S. Becker + DTN reporter Tony King, (fresh from prison) Listen

01/20/06 Nate Blakeslee author of Tulia: Race, Cocaine and Corruption in a small Texas Town. Listen

01/13/06 Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre & Al Byrne of Patients out of Time + Steve Kubby in BC  Listen

01/06/06 Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project + nurse Mary Lynn Mathre * Drug Czar Walters, Drug War Facts, Official Govt. Truth, Poppygate, Corrupt Cop Story & DTN reporter Tony King Listen