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Dr. Robert Melamede: Cancer 2020 - Directed Adaptive Evolution Metabolic Centric Biology + DTN Editorial

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JANUARY 29, 2020

DEAN BECKER: I am Dean Becker, your host. Our goal for this program is to expose the fraud, misdirection, and the liars who support the drug war which empowers our terrorist enemies, enriches barbarous cartels, and gives reason for existence to tens of thousands of violent U.S. gangs who profit by selling contaminated drugs to our children. This is Cultural Baggage.

Hi folks, this is Dean Becker, the Reverend Most High. We have a great show lined up for you today with our good friend, Dr. Melamede. Here we go.

He is an old friend of mine who has been on the show many times over the decades. His backwards looking and forwards looking thinking may give you a reminder of who we are going to be speaking with and that would be Dr. Robert Melamede is with us now. Hey, Doc. How are you doing?

DR. MELAMEDE: I am good, Dean. How are you? It is my pleasure and honor to be on your show, it is so nice. People have to understand the ending of this drug war and this nonsense really is.

DEAN BECKER: Thank you, Robert. Let’s give the folks a little bit of background on your work, if you will please?

DR. MELAMEDE: I started out as an old hippie. I was a young college student at the age of 16 and I was totally lost in space. I am very ADD, and I used cannabis to self-reflect and eventually learned how to study and with the use of cannabis I eventually got my PhD in molecular genetics and biochemistry.

DEAN BECKER: That brings forward a point. I think Trump was quoted as saying that use of marijuana lowers ones I.Q., and if that were true you and I would both be vegetables out on the street corner wouldn’t we?

DR. MELAMEDE: (LAUGHTER) Along with a lot of other famous people, including Nobel Laureates.

DEAN BECKER: That is the heck of it. The other side spouts rumors, innuendoes, and lies to continue this policy and keep this portion of the drug war going on marijuana. Right?

DR. MELAMEDE: That is the big cash cow in the whole deal. Realistically speaking, there are not a whole lot of people doing heroin even though they are overdosing and dying but you see that for narcotics in general. There are millions and millions of people using cannabis and for a very good reason – it is good for you to use cannabis. Unlike the other drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and listening to the political fools are all bad for you. Cannabis happens to be good for you. It is an anti-aging drug that kills cancer and inhibits old age related illnesses.

DEAN BECKER: Dr. Melamede, tell them about what is on that PDF which is our main topic of discussion, right?

DR. MELAMEDE: Yes. They can either look at your PDF or they can go to my website where I have the latest version. You may not have the latest version.

DEAN BECKER: Go ahead.

DR. MELAMEDE: You can go to http://www.canna-sapiens.com/illnesses/cancers/cancer-2020.html for the latest PDF, which I uploaded last night. The rest of it is Directive Adaptive Evolution Metabolic Centric Biology.


DR. MELAMEDE: Which is actually what I have become about.

DEAN BECKER: As I indicated earlier, you and I have had many talks over the decades now that we have been doing this about the backward looking people who are the people who don’t use cannabis, and the forward looking people like you and I who try to find positive ways to build a better future rather than just looking backwards in hate. Right?

DR. MELAMEDE: That is very much determined by your endocannabinoid levels because remember that every human being and every vertebrate on the planet makes endocannabinoids which are cannabis-like compounds that literally regulates everything in your body from birth to death and that includes your immune system, digestive system, skeletal system, muscles, bones. Everything that you are is regulated by the pot that you make. As a professional in the scientific community for many decades now what I have come to realize is that our fundamental understanding of gene expression and how DNA arose is flawed. We are fundamentally flawed in our perceptions and what I have come up with is a very reasonable alternative that makes a lot of sense because it answers a lot of the unknowns that are endemic in the other perspectives.

DEAN BECKER: I am a little ignorant so if you can give us more detail and help fill in some of the gaps that we might not realize right up front.

DR. MELAMEDE: The most fundamental concept that we need to have is that flowing energy creates organization of matter and creating what is known as flow dependent structures. We are flow dependent structures because if we don’t eat, breath, get rid of our waste, sweat, etc. we die because we are dependent on that flow of the energy that we eat and the food that we consume. Energy and mass has to keep flowing in order for a flow dependent structure to survive so each of the cells within our bodies are like that as well. It turns out that depending on the food you eat there is a profound difference in terms of how healthy your cells are, and therefore how healthy you are. We need carbohydrates and that powers our efficient energy sort of like a nuclear reactor and as long as it is working well, we get a lot of good clean energy. When it stops working well we get a lot of radiation and this is the way our bodies work as well.

The powerhouse in our cells which is mitochondria are like that as well when they are burning sugar and as long as it is burning properly everything is good but as soon as it gets messed up then you have big trouble. This is really what is at the base of so many of our diseases because when the flow through the mitochondria is messed up that is when we generate free radicals and they damage everything. In the same way, that is how radiation damages things. We literally make the equivalent of radiation in our body as we burn in sugar, especially if we burn too much sugar. This turns out what is regulated by the CB1 receptor. The receptor that gets you high has this incredibly unique role because it fine tunes the nuclear reactor and in doing that it gives more energy.

The revolution in thinking is that it is that energy that literally drives and creates evolution. Rather than viewing evolution as an accident which is what we have all been taught, it is much compatible with a lot of Christianity in the sense of creationism. However, it is not creationism in the sense that there is this hairy figure manipulating our chemicals. There is a spirit through the flowing energy of the universe, which is what God is. Everywhere. Everything. Making everything. We metamorphosis our concept of God because that is what we understand and instead what I am suggesting is that we have to understand a much more abstract concept that it’s flowing energy, which is everywhere in the universe has intrinsically a creative capacity and that is what creates evolution and life. Evolution is God’s most beautiful, perfect work. We the People, don’t understand sufficiently the real magnitude not just of the drug war but of us being deprived of cannabis.

Cannabis helps every illness as far as I know, with the exception of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. Other than that, cannabis seems to help everything. Why is that? What is so special about that plant that it has these incredible beneficial properties? There are two things that we have to look at there. First we have this endocannabinoid system that regulates everything in our body from birth to death. The other thing is that all of those illnesses can be really simply viewed as nutritional deficiencies in cannabinoids because when you eat more cannabis, they go away. If you have scurvy and you eat Vitamin C, it goes away. Is this not a demonstration to us that modern man requires more cannabinoid activity? It is that CB1 receptor that regulates the nuclear reactor of all the mitochondria in our cells to produce our energy. When this is done sufficiently it drives evolution. That is what drives our modern society in the same way that society is dependent on energy, or bodies are dependent on energy. Think of the state our society would be in if we never had any recycling, and if we never picked up any garbage and we just collected waste; society would collapse. We need to have the right amount of damaging and fixing in order to just maintain a level ground and if you want to actually keep making progress then you have to have enough energy to make progress but you have got to keep fixing the waste, which is what the CB2 receptor does. This is the miracle! You see, CB1 regulates the electron transport system and the efficient energy where CB2 regulates recycling so if you balance damage production while you are doing things with recycling then you have no eliminated the cause of aging. If you actually do a lot more recycling because you are trying to fix yourself then you can actually reverse age-related illnesses.

Whether this will all shake out in the long run, I don’t know. All I know is how I benefit by applying these principles to myself, my friends, and people who are interested in listening to an alternative way of understanding the meaning of health. The biology that we have now – and I was in strict adherence to this strict interpretation – the way we have biology now is that we have this whole DNA-based platform for understanding evolution and you go back to the beginning and you don’t understand how it started. Somehow DNA came about by people who were religious saying that God did this and people who were not religious say it was impossible but that it was a miracle and I am saying that both of those are nonsense because actually cells grew their flowing complexity before there was DNA. The complexity made DNA the solution for future advancement by being the record of successful metabolism.

This is totally revolutionary thinking but the difference is if you look at things the standard way it says that life is impossible, when you look at things through the lens I am providing which is based on the work of Nobel Laureate (UNINTELLIGIBLE) that says life must happen, so which one are you going to believe? One that says life is impossible or one that says life must happen. The point here is that life is a natural phenomenon and change is a natural phenomenon and life continues to change which is what evolution is all about; how flowing energy changes us and how we change our environment. It is a constant back and forth of adaptation and that is what we are all about. Think about what people do when they get stoned; they self-reflect which is part of why they are more relaxed and are able to look at their own stupidity and let it pass and it gives them the freedom to be open minded, enjoying music and love making and all of the wonderful things of life. Otherwise you wrap yourself up in mental masturbation and you miss out on life. Cannabis helps us through all of that by literally powering our brains, which are loaded with CB1 receptors which gives your body efficient energy production which maintains the complexity of our brain.

DEAN BECKER: Dr. Melamede, you pointed out that we reflect on things and perhaps develop new perspectives and that happens to me nearly every time I use cannabis. When I write these editorials I find that thoughts I may have been thinking that day or over the last week congeal and present themselves to me as an offering of new thought that I try to bring to my listeners and the radio audience. What is your thought on this?

DR. MELAMEDE: That is exactly what I am talking about and that is the creative energy that comes out of your mind is a result of the flowing energy coming through you and creativity is natural when we let it happen. Instead of you spending your time expressing that creativity, you spend it worrying or being angry about one thing or another which are also structures of flow that waste your energy and your life. Life is designed by unintelligent design or by the creative flowing energy manifesting itself as solutions which open your mind and everywhere else. That is what we are – we are the flowing energy solution up to this point and as we continue to evolve it is driven by the CB1 receptor, which is what powers the nuclear reactor that allows us to have a complex mental society.

Think about our social society and imagine if we could only power the world with cow dung. It would be a very different world but we would still have to learn how to have clean energy and do things right. Clearly we wouldn’t have our social structure if we were powering our world with cow dung. If you eat poison and you die then you wouldn’t say that it was great, but if you were sick and ate something and you felt better you would say that is great – and that is what is going on. People are curing cancer all the time with cannabis, and they cure the cancer by getting healthy instead of making their body so sick that the cancer dies before you die. It is a whole different thing. Look to get healthy, don’t look to get so sick that you hope that cancer dies first. No! Get healthy enough that the cancer can’t be a part of you.

DEAN BECKER: Yeah. Alright folks, this is Dean Becker, the Reverend Most High, and you are listening to Cultural Baggage on Pacifica Radio and the Drug Truth Network. Our guest is Dr. Robert Melamede. If you go to www.drugtruth.net and click on the Cultural Baggage show for January 29, there is a link at the bottom that will send you to a PDF which outlines much of what Dr. Melamede is discussing here.

DR. MELAMEDE: Dean, you can see that I did a couple of graphs that show the balancing act which is sort of like see-saw. The big balancing act is sugar burning versus fat burning. Even in the sugar burning mode there are multiple balancing acts that go on for the cell to survive without producing too many free radicals which disrupt the cells organization and they would die.

DEAN BECKER: As I recall, you had a couple of graphs or comparison presentations of some of the cancers that were cured following –

DR. MELAMEDE: Yes. The number of photo documents there that quite clearly show what cannabis can do and in these cases we were looking at skin cancer of which there are really three types and those are basal cells, squamous cell, and melanoma. I have pictures there of cannabis curing all of those on the website. When you treat basal cell cancer (most common) with cannabis it literally just falls off anywhere from a few days to two weeks usually. There is no scar, no pain and it is very, very easy. In contrast, squamous cell cancer actually start to grow when you first treat it with cannabis but either time or other additional things that will accelerate the death of those cells also caused by cancer. In the case of melanoma, which is the most dangerous of the skin cancers and can kill a person. What we show there is a young boy from Africa who suffers from a genetic disease that leaves him unable to repair sunlight damage to the DNA, and people with that condition come down with cancer. His head is full of cancer, melanomas, squamous cells and he is blind. You can see the effects of one year of cannabis reversing all of that and instead of the kid wanting to die all of the time he is starting to be able to see again enough to read and he wants to go back to school. That is how significant cannabis is and anybody who doesn’t know that needs to learn it, and anybody who looks at that and can’t understand it doesn’t need to be influencing anybody.

DEAN BECKER: Next week one of my guests will be Beto O’Rourke, who is a Texan who ran for Senate and President of the United States. He and I haven’t talked for about nine months, but he finally answered my cussing question the other day with a response something to the effect of who knew it would be so time consuming to run for President. Anyway, Beto will be our guest next week.

Please pick up the phone and give us a call at: 713-526-5738. We will be back in 30 seconds.


Now if you're tired or a bit run down,
can't seem to keep our feet off the ground,
maybe you oughta try a little bit of LSD.
Only if you want to
Shake your head and rattle your brain,
make you act just a bit insane,
give you all the psychic energy you need--
Eat flowers and kiss babies
for you and me!

DEAN BECKER: Alright, that was Country Joe and the fish with the LSD Song and that was our Name That Drug by its Side Effects for the day.


With us today is Dr. Robert Melamede. Hey, Robert. You know there is a lot drugs that have a lot side effects these days. You hear them on television and wonder who the heck would want to take that stuff if there are so many risks. What is your thought on that?

DR. MELAMEDE: Originally all medicines were herbal and they were (UNINTELLIGIBLE) by people because they were. Then there were lots of fellows with their oils that decided to synthesize chemicals because they had all of the oil that could serve as (UNINTELLIGIBLE) for drugs and it was at the same time that happened that the FDA came onboard and cannabis was made illegal. Let’s look at it from a biological point of view. Plants or any living things including humans have a lot of the same things going on inside of us so chemicals from one in general are part of the chemistry from the other to a significant degree. I am not being absolute there in any way but the point that I am trying to get to is that when you eat an herbal chemical or an herbal preparation it is a combination of chemicals, not a single chemical and all of those chemicals were made and broken down in living systems very similar to our own cellular being. Pharmaceuticals came about by modifying plant medicine to treat them and make them stronger or whatever, but the problem with that is that now you don’t have the things that create and you don’t have the things that break down because you have changed what you were starting with. In the absence of the synthetic and the machinery you are not influencing the flow in its normal way. These other new chemicals don’t plug in to that flow so what they ended up doing was disrupting the flow. One has to remember how they are made in the first place. They are not made because the pharmaceutical companies understand how life works, which is what I am claiming I now understand on my website. Read my stuff. I am claiming that the absence of understanding how life works these drugs are made for treating symptoms which means that the underlying imbalance is still there and continues to fester as you hide the symptoms and “benefit” from the side effects of the drugs that are designed to only relieve the symptoms. It is mental illness! The whole medical model is mentally ill and run by idiots who own our politicians.

DEAN BECKER: I underscore and put an exclamation point on that. I agree with you. The point I wanted to get across to my audience is that there is a lot of knowledge, science, new perspectives, and understanding that they need to acquaint and educate themselves with. They need to become full citizens which means that they are knowledgeable citizens. That means when you make a decision or cast a vote that you do it with some knowledge and some rational to justify doing so. Right, Dr. Melamede?

DR. MELAMEDE: Absolutely. Along those lines we need to remember that every time we buy anything we are basically voting for the kind of world we want because we are buying food loaded with pesticides and poisons so that is what you are supporting for your children and your grandchildren. Whereas if you buy organic even if it costs more and you eat less then you are supporting a sustainable future. One is intelligent and the other is ridiculous and unfortunately the so called leadership in our world in general are idiots who are backwards looking individuals who are driven by greed, ego, and power and they don’t care about people, yet people are so stupid that we re-elect these same people year in and year out!

DEAN BECKER: That is so true. Well, Dr. Melamede I promised I would let you go –

DR. MELAMEDE: One of the few places where you can actually get information that may actually save your life and really help you change the social structure from one that is very sick to one that is moving towards a state of health where we can all really enjoy family and community.

DEAN BECKER: With that I want to let you go. Can you point the listeners to your website where they can look at the PDF file and learn more about what we were talking about today?

DR. MELAMEDE: Sure. www.canna-sapiens.com.

DEAN BECKER: Alright. Again, our guest was Dr. Robert Melamede and his website is www.canna-sapiens.com

Opening up a can of worms and going fishing for truth, this is the Drug Truth Network at www.drugtruth.net. I am going to close this out with a Drug Truth Network Editorial.


For more than 100 years the morality police have fooled the world. Prohibition killed Prince, Tom Petty and thousands of rock stars, movie stars and millions of America's children/brothers/sisters/mom/dads. But let’s blame the drugs, the adulterated, contaminated, untrustworthy, unknown, unlabeled, concoctions made in jungle labs and Afghan caves that are "cut" with everything from rat poison to Levamisole the worm killing, cancer causing but very shiny powder used to "enhance" cocaine's appearance. Such drugs are sold in back rooms and alleyways by desperate and ignorant sellers seeking to afford their own exorbitantly overpriced drugs. Where is the benefit of believing in drug war? What is moral about this policy? 100+ years, near 50 million arrests, half a trillion per year flowing to terrorists, cartels and gangs, overdose deaths increasing, children selling drugs in schools and worldwide battles. Thoughts and prayers, bullets and planes, laws and millions of arrests have made it worse and continue to make things even worse and yet… we wander down this same failed path, like red coats standing in a row. Stupid and evil the drug war is embraced as if it were the word of God.

DEAN BECKER: Once again I want to thank Dr. Melamede and I want to remind you once again that Beto O’Rourke will be our guest next week when we will be premiering Show No. 7,695 and again, I remind you that because of prohibition you don’t know what is in that bag. Please be careful.

To the Drug Truth Network listeners around the world, this is Dean Becker for Cultural Baggage and the unvarnished truth. Cultural Baggage is a production of the Pacifica Radio Network, archives are permanently stored at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, and we are all still tap dancing on the edge of an abyss.