Cultural Baggage


Cultural Baggage is DTN's longest running broadcast program with 18 years as of October 2019. We are proud to have more than three dozen affiliate stations in the US and Canada broadcasting our 29 minutes of unvarnished truth about the failure and futility of this eternal prohibition of drugs. Produced by former cop Dean Becker at KPFT, Houston, one of the 5 Pacifica "sister" stations.





02/13/08 - Philippe Lucas

Philppe Lucas, Dir of Vancouver Island Compassion Society discusses recent UNODC gathering of NGO representatives + Winston Francis with "Official Government Truth", Doug Mcvay with Drug War Facts & Poppygate Report from Glenn Greenway.

Guest(s): Philippe Lucas
Organization(s): Vancouver Island Compassion Society

Link(s): Drug War Facts, Vancouver Island Compassion Society

02/06/08 - Paul Armentano

Paul Armentano, Dep. Dir. of NORML discusses news of "powerful" marijuana, positive scientific studies, corporate media's continued reefer madness + Cliff Schaffer editor of Marijuana Businnes News & Poppygate Report from Glenn Greenway

Guest(s): Paul Armentano
Organization(s): NORML

Link(s): NORML, Marijuana Business News

01/30/08 - Patrick McCann

Patrick McCann, President of Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association on his recent Op-Ed in the Houston Chronicle regarding jailing of mentally ill, prosecution of minor drug offenses, crime lab fiasco, second chances for first time offenders and the death penalty.

Guest(s): Patrick McCann
Organization(s): Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

Link(s): Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

01/23/08 - Mike Gray

Mike Gray, author of Drug Crazy and Chairman of Common Sense for Drug Policy discusses his forthcoming video: "Clergy Against the War on Drugs" + Charles Thomas of Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative & Poppygate, Official Government Truth.

Guest(s): Mike Gray
Organization(s): Common Sense for Drug Policy

Link(s): Common Sense for Drug Policy, Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative

01/16/08 - Eleanor Schockett

In memory of Judge Eleanor Schockett who passed from this Earth on Jan 12, 2007. Judge Schockett was a member of the board of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Joining us is Peter Christ a founding member of LEAP.

Guest(s): Eleanor Schockett
Organization(s): Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

Link(s): LEAP

01/09/08 - Paul Wright

Alison Chinn Holcomb of ACLU of Washington Foundation discusses marijuana laws + Report on cadmium poisoning of federal prisoners with Karen Garrison whose son Lawrence was exposed plus Paul Wright, publisher of Prison Legal News.

Guest(s): Paul Wright
Organization(s): Prison Legal News

Link(s): Prison Legal News, ACLU

01/02/08 - Matt Elrod

Matt Elrod discusses DTN's new website, drug policy reform, segment from Drug Policy panel with Carol Shipiro of Family Justice & Suzanne Mayo of Kansas State + Drug War Facts & Poppygate Report

Guest(s): Matt Elrod
Organization(s): DrugSense

Link(s): Drugsense

12/26/07 - Dean Becker

Year 2007 in review, via 4:20 Drug War News Reports 2/2

Guest(s): Dean Becker


12/19/07 - Antonio Maria Costa

UN Drug Czar: Antonio Maria Costa + responses from: Norm Stamper of LEAP, & Wash. State Rep Roger Goodman w/TRANSCRIPT

Guest(s): Antonio Maria Costa
Organization(s): Drug Policy Alliance

Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance

12/12/07 - Calvin Johnson

NEW ORLEANS: DPA drug conference panel (2/2) with Norris Henderson, Else Pederson-Wasson, Judge Calvin Johnson + Nora Callahan re Sentencing & remembrance of Michael Paul Phillips

Guest(s): Calvin Johnson

Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance