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Cultural Baggage is DTN's longest running broadcast program with 18 years as of October 2019. We are proud to have more than three dozen affiliate stations in the US and Canada broadcasting our 29 minutes of unvarnished truth about the failure and futility of this eternal prohibition of drugs. Produced by former cop Dean Becker at KPFT, Houston, one of the 5 Pacifica "sister" stations.





05/27/20 Global Commission Calls for End of Prohibition

Global Commissioners Report calls for legalizing drugs with Ruth Dreifuss former President of Switzerland, Louise Arbour former High Commissioner on Human Rights, Juan Manuel Santos former President of Colombia, Helen Clark former Prime Minister of New Zealand & Anand Grover UN Special Rapporteur on right to health + Phil Smith reporting on Global Commission for Citizen Truth + Norma Sapp reports on cannabis laws in Oklahoma.

Guest(s): Global Commission
Organization(s): Global Commission on Drugs
Phil Smith
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Link(s): Global Commission on Drugs Report, Global Commission Video on YouTube

05/20/20 Neill Franklin

Major Neill Franklin (Ret.) is a 34-year veteran of both the Maryland State Police and the Baltimore Police Department who oversaw 17 separate drug task forces. He has served as an official representative of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (formerly Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) since 2007 + Dana Larsen is one of Canada’s most well-known and respected advocates for cannabis reform and an end to the global war on drugs.

Guest(s): Neill Franklin
Organization(s): LEAP
Neill FranklinDana Larsen
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Link(s): LEAP

05/13/20 Abbie Rosner

Abbie Rosner reports for Forbes, her focus on how older adults are re-discovering cannabis & psychedelics + Kassandra Frederique Dir of DPA re What Does DPA Do During a Pandemic?

Guest(s): Abbie Rosner
Organization(s): Drug Policy Alliance
Abbie Rosner
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Link(s): Drug Policy Alliance

05/06/20 Phil Smith

Phillip Smith has been a drug policy journalist for the past two decades. He is the longtime author of the Drug War Chronicle, the online publication of the non-profit, and has been the editor of AlterNet’s Drug Reporter since 2015. He was awarded the Drug Policy Alliance’s Edwin M. Brecher Award for Excellence in Media in 2013.

Guest(s): Phil Smith
Phil Smith
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Link(s): Stop The Drug War

04/29/20 James Gray

James P. Gray announces his intention to run for President under the Libertarian banner + Dr. Suni Aggerwal discusses pandemic, advancing integrative medical care and research in oncology, psychiatry, neurology, rehabilitation, and palliative care

Guest(s): James Gray
Organization(s): Libertarian Party
Judge GrayDr, Sunil Aggerwal
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Link(s): Gray and Sharpe

04/22/20 Richard Van Wickler

Richard Van Wickler Cheshire County jail Superintendent & David Duffield of Houston Harm Reduction Alliance + Remembering Dr. Albert Hoffman LSD explorer

Guest(s): Richard Van Wickler
Organization(s): Houston Harm Reduction Alliance, Law Enforcement Action Partnership
Richard Van WicklerDavid Duffield
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Link(s): Houston Harm Reduction Alliance, LEAP

04/15/20 Natalia Cornelio

Natalia Cornelio is running for Judge in the 351st District in Harris County/Houston. We discuss bail, jail crowding during pandemic, voting rights & more. Plus song Eternal War & a snippet with Freeway Ricky Ross who talks of his ties with the CIA

Guest(s): Natalia Cornelio
Organization(s): 351st District Judge
Natalia Cornelio
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Link(s): Natalia Cornelio for Judge

04/08/20 Carl Hart

Dr. Carl Hart author of High Price - A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self Discover That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs & Socieity + Terry Nelson of LEAP & DTN Editorial

Guest(s): Carl Hart
Organization(s): LEAP

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Link(s): LEAP

04/01/20 Nicholas Eyle

Nicholas Eyle a pioneering drug reformer has passed away, tribute segment from 2004 + Sanho Tree a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and Director of its Drug Policy Project since 1998

Guest(s): Nicholas Eyle, Sanho Tree
Organization(s): Reconsider
Nicholas EyleSanho Tree
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Link(s): Institute for Policy Studies

03/25/20 Cliff Schaffer

ALL STAR RERUN: Cliff Schaffer, founder of and discusses how we steer the discussion on how to end the drug war & Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition + the Abolitionists Moment

Guest(s): Cliff Schaffer
Organization(s): Drug Library
Cliff SchafferTerry Nelson
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Link(s): Drug Library