Cultural Baggage


Cultural Baggage is DTN's longest running broadcast program with 18 years as of October 2019. We are proud to have more than three dozen affiliate stations in the US and Canada broadcasting our 29 minutes of unvarnished truth about the failure and futility of this eternal prohibition of drugs. Produced by former cop Dean Becker at KPFT, Houston, one of the 5 Pacifica "sister" stations.





05/02/10 - Beto O'Rourke

Beto O'Rouke a city councilman from El Paso & Clarence Bradford a Houston councilman/former policy chief discuss need to revamp drug laws

Guest(s): Beto O'Rourke
Organization(s): El Paso Council


04/25/10 - Pat Lykos

Pat Lykos, district attorney of Harris County/Houston sees need for continuity and change to drug laws

Guest(s): Pat Lykos
Organization(s): Harris County District Attorney


04/18/10 - Rick Doblin

Report from Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, from San Jose California, featuring Dr. Rick Doblin, Robert Jesse, Dr. Charles Grob, Dr. Alicia Danforth + Earth & Fire Erowid

Guest(s): Rick Doblin
Organization(s): MAPS

Link(s): MAPS

04/11/10 - Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn, Dir of Clergy Against Prohibition + DEA bust of 16 year old, Chris Hermes of Americans for Safe Access

Guest(s): Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn
Organization(s): Clergy Against Prohibition

Link(s): Americans For Safe Access

04/04/10 - Scott Bullock

Scott Bullock of Justice Institute on "Policing for Profit", Allison Holcom of ACLU, ABC interview of drug czar Gil, BBC report on heroin injection in Vancouver

Guest(s): Scott Bullock
Organization(s): Institute for Justice

Link(s): Institute for Justice

03/28/10 - Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia, sheriff of Harris County Texas discusses failings of drug war, need for change

Guest(s): Adrian Garcia
Organization(s): Harris County Sheriff


03/21/10 - Victor Trevino

Harris County (Houston) Constable Victor Trevino discusses need to examine drug laws, save money, prevent jail crowding, etc. + Neill Franklin, a working Baltimore cop & new head of LEAP discusses cannabis law

Guest(s): Victor Trevino
Organization(s): Harris County Constable

Link(s): LEAP

03/14/10 - Dale Skye Clare

Reports from Oaksterdam University, professors, students, staff and interns

Guest(s): Dale Skye Clare
Organization(s): Oaksterdam University

Link(s): Oaksterdam University

03/07/10 - Mary Lynn Mathre

Nurse Mary Lynn Mathre & Al Byrne of Patients out of Time on medical marijuana news & forthcoming Cannabis Conference + "Life, Liberty & Happiness" from Oaksterdam University: COOKING WITH CANNABIS, with professor Sandy Moriarty & Tom Daubert on medical cannabis news in Montana

Guest(s): Mary Lynn Mathre
Organization(s): Patients out of Time

Link(s): Patients out of Time

02/28/10 - Richard Lee

Richard Lee, founder Oaksterdam Univ, marijuana "death" in Ohio, Dr. Robert Melameade, Bill Piper of DPA, Tim Meehan on Canada's "progress" & DTN tries K2

Guest(s): Richard Lee
Organization(s): Oaksterdam University

Link(s): Oaksterdam University, Cannabis Sciene Inc.